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  1. SlidePocket

    Rocket Gibraltar (1988)

    It's not that bad, it's a relatable drama between Burt Lancaster, his kids (Suzy Amis, Patricia Clarkson, Frances Conroy, John Glover), their spouses (Bill Pullman, Kevin Spacey, Sinead Cusack) and his grandchildren (one of them being Macaulay Culkin in his film debut) so I don't see it being picked.
  2. SlidePocket

    Gothika (2003)

    Bump because since "Perfect Stranger" is being done live next month, we need some more crazily insane Halle Berry thrillers like this.
  3. SlidePocket

    Operation Dumbo Drop (1995)

    This did came out a year before Larger Than Life.
  4. SlidePocket

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I don't know if it's discussed, but Andy Garcia makes a very early appearance in the film playing a bartender! I couldn't recall ever seeing him in this movie because his part might have been reduced, but could anyone post a picture of him from this movie?
  5. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    4 appearances: Bruce Willis - Hudson Hawk, Color of Night, Look Who's Talking Too, Perfect Stranger 3 appearances: Halle Berry - Catwoman, Swordfish, Perfect Stranger
  6. SlidePocket

    HTGM movies and their RT scores

    Perfect Stranger - 11%
  7. SlidePocket

    Perfect Stranger (2007)

    It's the live show on November 3 in Washington DC! http://www.hdtgminfo.com/
  8. SlidePocket

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    Perfect Stranger (2007) with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis is gonna be the live show in Washington DC on November 3!
  9. SlidePocket

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    Don't forget "Color of Night", where Lesley Ann Warren is one of the patients who gets involved with one of Jane March's personalities.
  10. SlidePocket

    A Night in Heaven (1983)

    It's finally taking place next week!
  11. SlidePocket

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    Oh "A Night in Heaven". I've been waiting for them to do it for the show ever since I submit it for consideration. Can't wait what they have to say!
  12. SlidePocket

    HTGM movies and their RT scores

    Action Jackson - 9% Van Helsing - 23%
  13. SlidePocket

    Life Itself (2018)

    And it bombed opening with $2.1 million, making it the second worst wide opening in over 2,500 screens behind last year's "Friend Request"!
  14. SlidePocket

    Episode 197.5 - Minisode 197.5

    So "Look Who's Talking Too", the first of two John Travolta vehicles covered at the live event last month.
  15. SlidePocket

    Episode 196.5 - Minisode 196.5

    Action Jackson and Van Helsing are next week's live shows!