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  1. @gigi-tastic We're all wondering about your first pick for this series!
  2. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    2 appearances: Giovanni Ribisi - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Perfect Stranger
  3. SlidePocket

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    Bump since the film's director Geoff Murphy has just passed away.
  4. SlidePocket

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Perfect Stranger is gonna be up this week, which will hopefully be followed by another Halle Berry movie in Swordfish, which will hopefully be followed by another Hugh Jackman movie in Van Helsing!
  5. SlidePocket

    Surviving Christmas (2004)

    This and "Gigli" the year before was when Ben Affleck hit rock bottom. Not even James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate and Catherine O'Hara can quite resucitate it.
  6. SlidePocket

    Perfect Stranger (2007)

    Now gonna be next week's show!
  7. SlidePocket

    HDTGM and the Oscars

    And winner Anthony Hopkins for The Silence of the Lambs!
  8. Watch Out for Snakes, what will your first pick be for Musical Mondays?
  9. SlidePocket

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    Not since Something's Gotta Give, and that was 15 years ago!
  10. SlidePocket

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    Or Because I Said So, Town and Country, The Other Sister, Hanging Up, The Big Wedding etc.
  11. The third and final chapter in this trilogy with John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Olympia Dukakis reprising their roles, Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton voicing the dogs, and George Segal returning for a brief cameo as Mikey's real baby daddy, is now being done on the show next week!
  12. SlidePocket

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    Two sequels from the same franchise covered in one year, that's rare! Plus, John Travolta is now officially king of HDTGM as he has now made 8 appearances on this show, surpassing Nicolas Cage and Sylvester Stallone.
  13. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    With the announcement of Look Who's Talking Now, John Travolta is now the king of HDTGM with 8 appearances on the show each! 8 appearances: John Travolta - Old Dogs, Battlefield Earth, Staying Alive, Face/Off, Perfect, Look Who's Talking Too, Look Who's Talking Now, Swordfish 3 appearances: Kirstie Alley - Runaway, Look Who's Talking Too, Look Who's Talking Now 3 appearances: Danny DeVito - Deck the Halls, Junior, Look Who's Talking Now 2 appearances: Olympia Dukakis - Look Who's Talking Too, Look Who's Talking Now
  14. AlmostAGhost is about to make their first pick for Musical Mondays. What will it be? We're about to find out.
  15. SlidePocket

    HTGM movies and their RT scores

    Skyscraper - 46%