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  1. SuppleNupple420

    New Catch Phrase Submission

    Put it in your subject line also!
  2. Scotty McThotty, what a Thicc Booty Hotty.
  3. Tinkle winkle Spittle piddle Why’s your penis inside my McGriddle?
  4. Huggy huggy hug hug tuggy tuggy tug tug splurt!
  5. I hear it’s inappropriate to put cumin on everything, but I disagree. I like cumin on everything. Don’t misinterpret, you moronic pervert, it’s not that type of show.
  6. I’ll scream it from the mountain tops until the Widow Kulap hears the echoes: Scotty McThotty, what a thicc booty hotty.
  7. “Spick Spock,” I declare as I mount Spock’s rock.
  8. SuppleNupple420

    Forget it, Jake. It's Vagina town.

    Forget it Ronald, it’s Burger King Town.
  9. Lick the locks, on this hairy old sock. Finger in the Croc, to widen access to the sock. Then lick the locks, on this hairy old sock contained by a Croc. By Quintin Tarantino.
  10. I’ve said before, I’ll say it again: Scotty McThotty, what a thicc booty hotty.
  11. I hate to say it, love to spray it.
  12. Whether it’s Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, Cyber Month, Cyber Year, it’s always the same messy day here at PornHub.
  13. Drunk Papa Smurf is super handsy, which makes it very problematic that he’s in charge of HR.
  14. Scotty McThotty, what a thicc booty hotty.