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  1. My followers have left me no choice so, without time to spare, I'm officially launching my asshole directly into the sun!
  2. Get that genie's peenie-weenie out my lemon drop martini
  3. Alpha-dogs for my a-holes and beta-blockers for my b-holes
  4. Wakey-wakey, Kevin Bakey. Rise and shine! It's Larry Fine!
  5. Ashes to ashes, tip to taint, show me where to spray that paint!
  6. As a family subsisting solely off feces, we live by the following: 'Eat Shit or Die!'
  7. If you can't stand the feet, get out of the fetish forums.
  8. Two if by Pink, One if by Stink: That's What I Scream Every Time That I Blink
  9. BloatedFartingScumBag

    Distance Makes the Fart Grow Hotter

    Yabba Dabba Don't.
  10. "Goosey Lucy, Good-and-Juicy". That's what those puerile prisoners used to call me in baby jail.
  11. I'm a total bozo when it comes to rhetoric and Early Modern English, which begs the question: "Wherefore art thou, Romeo? I can't find thee!"
  12. Time to bool out with your tool out, and queef out with your beef out!
  13. Give a man a kiss, he's yours for the day. Teach a man to kiss, well that just sounds like my mom's relationship with her 33 year-old son, me!