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  1. Considered not the consequence that came without a rubber, my dungeon-mastering career'll take a hit this summer
  2. They hated him 'cause he told the truth: "Abe Lincoln was thiccer than John Wilkes Booth."
  3. If I insult you with my lack of social graces, would you hold it against me?
  4. Well now I'm in jail for stalking a celeb and I can't get a hold of my second-cousin Jeb... Bush, that is. Texas teabagger.
  5. BloatedFartingScumBag

    A hip replacement and an even hipper pair of mom jeans.

    I straight up hate it and think it's edgy 12 year-old-level of humor that hurts people and benefits no one but racists.
  6. More like 'Wild Salsa', amirite
  7. A Very Merry Un-birthday...to SHOE?!
  8. Take your ancient grains and get fucked, King Tut!
  9. Excrete at my feet and I'll do you to the beat.
  10. They just don't make sperms like they used ta!
  11. Thanks to, ugh, "Bloated Farting Scumbag" for that wonderful catchphrase submission. Don't think it's gonna stick.
  12. "You bwing me gweat gwief," said The Joker to The Thief.