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  1. The porgs on my porg farm stopped reproducing because they can’t stop fucking my Furby collection.
  2. Our administrative office better sign up for a secure shredding service because Janet just bought an electric guitar brooch for her cardigan.
  3. In the mood for cheap meat, but we're all out of bologna and I was castrated in a farming accident.
  4. My eating habits have been described as pornographic. Please hire me.
  5. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Be the change you have in your pocket, basically useless..

    Nice one! CBB bump!
  6. When I say use me like a moving van, dear, I’m saying wrap some meth in a carpet square, shove it up my ass and let’s make for Canada.
  7. We lack genitalia, Ken. No matter what we do, we will never be able to piss on one another.
  8. Kinda embarrassing that I have two pocket vaginas attached to my wrists at all times that I sometimes have to use as hands.
  9. If Ivy League alums shit on a paper plate and wrote an algorithm about it, I’d send them a buh-billion bitcoins.
  10. Orange you glad I didn’t say Bo-na-na fan-na, fo-funt?
  11. The bidet may be better than toilet paper, but nothing is better than butt scootin' on shag.
  12. Warm 5 lbs of ground beef to room temperature and sculpt yourself a pair of good-lookin’ meat boobs.
  13. Usually I don’t have to explain the mechanics of xenomorphing my ass.
  14. Holy moly, is that two catchphrases in a row? Very nice. CBB Bump!