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  1. GiveMeYourBaby

    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    I did not enjoy watching this movie. If you are going to wink then wink hard. There were long stretches of this movie where things were played fairly straight and boring. How can a 70 minute movie seem too long? The only parts I enjoyed were the bits with Frankie Mermaids. This might be due to seeing the raptor/ninja fight a couple years ago on youtube so its intentional shittiness wasn't novel anymore. If you want to do another satirical, low budget film then I would recommend Cannibal the Musical. The South Park guys made it while they were still in film school. It's much weirder and funnier movie. It might actually be too good for a HDTGM.
  2. GiveMeYourBaby

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    This movie was bad and weird.
  3. GiveMeYourBaby

    The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

    There's a ton of expository only dialogue and other goofy nonsense. It's available on Seth Rogan's favorite streaming service Tubi.
  4. GiveMeYourBaby

    Kickboxer (1989)

    Maybe they can do some back to back shows where they do this one and one of the sequels that look pretty bad in their own right.
  5. GiveMeYourBaby

    The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

    This movie is very much based around what Euro trash coke heads think is cool. A lot of the dialogue/plot makes no sense. There's a scene half way through that is The Room level bonkers.
  6. GiveMeYourBaby

    Wing Commander (1999)

    This looks like an aggressively 90s movie. Nick Wiger talked about it on another podcast so this could be a could cross over episode with How Did This Get Played.
  7. GiveMeYourBaby

    Purple Rain (1984)

    It is an awesome film. It is also extremely weird and I would love to get everyone's takes on how and why it was made.
  8. Emma Watson CANNOT sing, which seems like a problem for a musical Luke Evans weighs 160 lbs, a proper Gaston would eat him for breakfast on top of his five dozen eggs The CGI is a weird uncanny valley where it's not quite photorealistic nor fantastic The Josh Gad character is a just a mess
  9. GiveMeYourBaby

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    How hard is it to get guests for road shows? I would have loved Hannibal Burress's takes on this movie.
  10. GiveMeYourBaby

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    First off I want qualify that I was not the adult man in a diaper. Secondly, I feel like there needed to be more discussion of Lola Bunny who launched a thousand furry fetishes; in a kids' movie no less. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5I_AfsgdPU/?igshid=yeoj6jsm0km4 Thirdly as a Chicagoan(suburbs count fight me) I feel like this episode totally counteracted the good will from taking down our collective cinematic villain (Blues Brothers 2000). The soundtrack was great, kids loved it, it's already a movie where cartoon characters exist in parallel to normal reality so why are you looking for plot holes in the sci-aspects? PS. Why no discussion of Wayne Knight's hero's journey? He follows Michael into Tune World when no one else will. He steps into the game against the Monstars knowing that they will annihilate him. He should be the protagonist of the movie.
  11. GiveMeYourBaby

    The Iron Mask (2020)

    Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, AND bad CGI? Seems like a winner especially since the plot appears unintelligible. They go from the Tower of London to the Silk Road? Why do all these China financed movies take place on the Silk Road a la Dragon Blade?
  12. GiveMeYourBaby

    Episode 232.5 — Minisode 232.5

    I have a lot of questions regarding the selection of Space Jam. First of them, how dare you?
  13. GiveMeYourBaby

    Predators (2010)

    A lot of big acting choices on display.
  14. GiveMeYourBaby

    Splice (2009)

    Maybe too gross to talk about.
  15. GiveMeYourBaby

    Dolemite (1975)

    They really should do a run of blaxploitation films. I remember Black Belt Jones was another good one.