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EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

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Great episode! I always enjoy Rick's shenanigans. I feel like he brings a writer's mentality to the game. In other words, as long as he is at the table he is going to try to make shit happen. And whether or not you think what he does is awesome or dumb, he sure as Hell makes sure it is memorable.


Then again...I could just be biased seeing how goddamn much I enjoy Black Science. Either way, Remender is always a welcome guest in my book.

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You know the last time Rick was on the show he had Winter strip, reach into his anus, and pinch his taint, right?


Yes, I remember that.

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Just a few thoughts on this weeks Episode. Overall I thought it was pretty funny, and Rick definitely injected some random hilarity into the episode, although it may end up killing everyone.


Honestly though, I don't know if that would necessarily be a bad thing. While the episodes have still been funny, the current campaign seems to be getting stagnant. I don't think there's really been any overall plan or direction in the last few months (at least since getting to the Blue Giant area), and most of the regular guests don't even have their own characters, they're just using the 'Loaners'. While its funny listening to the group travel through the countryside like Milo and Otis while occasionally cleaving some giant nutsack, also just like Milo and Otis (seriously, watch the directors cut, its fucked up), the new episodes lack the direction and story line that Sark's campaign had.


It seems like things really started to go off rails when the group decided to ignore the reverse-scuba barrel fish and went to the mystery continent. I mean seriously, how were you guys NOT interested in exploring what was going on with the barrel fish invasion?


At this point it may be better to wipe the group and start a fresh campaign where everyone has their own character, or perhaps something could happen to get the group back on track. Like they get taken prisoner by the giants, and maybe find out that the giants are trying to deal with the fish invasion too, and perhaps in a heated battle the giants have to release them as prisoners and fight along-side the group for the greater good, eventually earning a pardon for the groups past deeds.


Or maybe you finally get to the gold land, and find out that gold giants are hella-cool, and they hate the other giants and want to round them up in camps and pull off an old-world style genocide that the group could help with, or try and stop.


Really at this point it seems like there should be SOME kind of overall objective/plan/plotline, other than wandering aimlessly and trying not to die for an hour a week (as funny as it may be:)


Seriously though, how did the entire group decide to ignore the Reverse Scuba Fish!?!


~Dr Fistington

AKA Schmeckle-Level 3 Rogue Arcane Trickster

AKA Marklar-Level 4 Archery Ranger


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The lack of plot used to bother me, but until one kicks in I'm enjoying these episodes as a type of Seinfeld D&D. The characters are the fun part, whatever they might be doing is not as important.


When Nerd Poker first started a weekly D&D podcast that didn't sound like it was recorded in a bus station bathroom was a rare thing indeed, but now there are a lot of other viable options for plot-driven actual play shows when I need that fix. But sometimes motherfuckers just wanna pierce nutsacks and trace dicks.

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I almost crashed my car because Rick's antics were that GD hilarious to me. I almost crashed secondarily to Brian's mumbled regrets. Thirdandarily to Dan's background commentary, Forthandarily to Ken's Ken-being-ness, and overallendarily to Blain's full auto joke cannon.

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Rick was on FIRE this week. His absurdly hilarious antics were rendering the others damn near speechless, that made it so much funnier. I had to laugh when Brian and the gang were trying to warn him against trying to talk to ANYONE AT ALL. Sadly true, everything is out to kill. Apparently this Giant continent is not so giant on conversation of any sort.

And yes Dan, I was more than thrilled that I got a grown man to say that about that turd, Ulktar (my little brother's D&D Character). It was an inside joke from a campaign from almost 10 years ago.

<3 Guplu

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I agree with you mostly. It would be easy to have the 'like-fish-out-of-barrels' come to this continent...Blaine would have already done that. So...it was just a gag.


I think we will have to accept that Blaine plays really loose and enjoys just setting a space for his players to act in and create their own story.


He's a different DM and different style. He doesn't have a full campaign and flies by the seat of his pants. He thinks up a funny gag or two to base a couple encounters around every week. I do want him to make the game more approachable excepting an immediate confrontation though. He's so clever, it astounds me how he simply forces confrontations every week. The players are so scared to try anything anymore, because it's a confrontation. Give them a puzzle to allow the characters to interact with each other or a social role-playing obstacle! Blaine should be able to kill that. He doesn't provide a space for the characters to breath at all, stop rolling dice, and actually BE.

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