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EPISODE 112 — Agata, Gabe, July, Our Close Employees

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ahh yes i knew these would be the guests this week, it only made sense.

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jk I'm not surprised at all, I've heard of these 3 and it's alwayS GREAT THINGS.

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If the dudes from linkin park had a podcast like this to start December on, that song would have sounded like a dang polka! Faster tempo major key something you could tap your foot to.


But that's besides the point.... The b-side to the One Step Closer single that is B-)


Congrats to all involved! So excited to listen, TWB is a dear favorite of mine.

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Just sayin but on the view counter thingy this ep was on 99 when i clicked it so while I may never get to be on show like many others have, I got this ep to trip diges so I will have to let that warm my empty heart.



Not that I'm jealous. You're jealous. Jealous of my trip dig milestone.

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OMG, Dengler doesn't even know what podcasts are, what a silly goose lol.


He's all like, "What"

Wrong! I'm a hardcore TrendHead who has listened to almost every episode of TWB (and one episode twice by accident), so I know what podcasts is. This "Hollywood Handbook", on the other hand, didn't even have a hoedown at the end, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't qualify?

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Hayes and Sean start off with a timely chat about Thanksgiving, including some common misconceptions about the holiday. Then, Agata Monica, Gabe Danon, and July Diaz from Trends with Benefits are on the show to pitch shows for the launch of the new network WolfCool Jr., shows for babies.



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dope dope


Where was the pcorn gallery? Were the callers too boring to include in the ep or did they record 2?

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dope ep. Earwolf employees were great, and one of my favorite pre-guest segments in a while. congratulations everyone. you did it!

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this ep was crazy good. july gabe and agata were so endearing and hilarious but anyone who listens to their podcast knows that is obvious (and boy, what a great theme song they have)

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What a lineup!


Was so excited for this ep that I was having crazy dreams




Or maybe I was just getting Inceptioned again


Good thing the gif wasn't from 5 minutes earlier. Just filthy stuff altogether. You know through my vibrant, vivid prose just how erotic I can be so just imagine what i was dreaming about. Might even have involved those 2 famous numbers. You know the ones. The sexiest of numbers.............

whoa what the heck!!!! my gif???

it is NOT okay to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

please watermark all my gifs with a nasa mug tia

adc that's zsinjeh!! The call is coming from within the continent....

thx 4 looking out 4 me fam...iou...

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