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EPISODE 15 - Jon Daly - Spotlight On: Matt Yanni

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Attention all WOMPSTERS! Marissa has a new boyfriend all the way from Pittsburgh by the name of Matt Yanni (Jon Daly) and they've been going out for 7 whole days. Matt tells us about his adolescent alopecia, a very special Thanksgiving dish called "Cthulhuducken," and what happened to his twin brother & close friends. Later, everyone discusses the importance of safe words during Listler's Love Lockdown!

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"I don't think this will work"

"Listen - (so) I killed my brother and my friend..." -- this is such a weird episode!! :D


Oh man; Daly is brilliant. This was amazing!


I want you guys to know: I had surgery 6 days ago. I've been off of Earwolf since then because it hurts to laugh. I got through HDTGM today (the Steel ep), I figured I was in the clear. I got through a CBB from 3 weeks ago (I'm backed up) with Eugene Mirman and Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Fine! Womp it up? I had to stop this podcast several times because you guys hurt me! I literally had to hold my sides -- I know why that's an expression now, because this was so damn funny, it physically caused me pain!


Protip to people reading this in the future: Don't listen to WOMP it up after getting your gallbladder removed. Oh man; this hurt, but that's how you know it's good!

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