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Episode 130 - Teen Witch

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I feel like this is the appropriate place to post this, since it involves the group picture from the Teen Witch episode.

You've probably heard of the "Deep Dream" A.I. thing (They even ran a scene from Fear and loathing in Las Vegas through it...trippy) anyway, there's a new algorithm that combines pictures with a "Theme" so you can make said picture look like a Van Gogh painting if you chose "Starry night" as your theme...anyway. So I there's a website called "Deep Art" (http://deepart.io/)that does that (Though it takes a few days due to traffic) and I though it would be fun to run a HDTGM group picture through it with the Mondo "Sucker Punch" movie poster (This one: https://deepart-io.s...CyGEngovDmW.jpg) and this was the result:




It turned out pretty creepy, but in kind of an interesting way I think?

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Dang, this is gonna feel so off-topic (not to mention late to the party,) but I finally listened to the Teen Witch episode, and I remember now what bothered me about the flick when it first came out.


Josh Miller! The sociopath kid brother from River's Edge! The soulless blood-sucking creature from Near Dark!


Now, he was a fine actor in his time, but he established a persona for me early, and "wacky younger brother" it wasn't.







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I know this is a dead thread but I can't help but bring up one nagging thought. Isn't it odd that water reverses her spells but she caused a thunderstorm at the carnival and everything kept running even after it started raining?!?

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