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Kevin Bartelt

23 - The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour

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Exit is great wtf


I think I probably also said this on the last Joshua Tree episode, but for being such huge U2 nerds, the Scotts' complete disdain for "Exit" is really weird to me. I don't like about 50% of the U2 catalogue, but "Exit" is a great song!


Anyway, I'll allow it because this podcast is an invaluable resource for U2 information, like the names of the band members, which the Scotts were able to break down in just over half an hour. Great ep!

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Still angry that I casually enjoy U2 songs now

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Could not be happier about the return of the Loveable Lads from Liverpool!

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I thought I should share this here. From my good friend's Facebook post back in April -


Tim Garlitz

April 28 ·

You: Oh I see you spent $350 on Bonnaroo tickets and another $400 on plane tickets, you must be really into that lineup.

Me: Yeah, they're doing a live episode of U Talkin' U2 To Me, and it's the first new episode in nearly two years.

You: And I guess you're excited to see U2, Chance The Rapper, The XX, Tegan & Sara, and Lorde live as well.

Me: Who's doing what now?



He introduced me to this podcast and it is still both of our favorite podcasts we listen to.

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Does anybody know what the song is that was the intro to Talkin About YouTube?

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"Approximately 358,263"


"That's a huge amount...that's basically farting all day long"

"I know. It's not a long fart. it's several short steccato bursts"

"I would add that that adds up to a massive fart"


Never grow up, Scott & Scott

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