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Ep. 5 Leaving Your Heart On The Field (w/ Betsy Sodaro)

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It’s a tale of competing teenage soccer teams in the brand-new musical “LEAVING YOUR HEART ON THE FIELD.” Betsy Sodaro joins in for the musical offering of a lifetime by way of hit numbers such as “Sports Boner”, “Empty Nest Syndrome”, “You Like My Face” and many more in this timeless classic that will remind you that with every new day comes a new kid.

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I love Zach's continuing trend of songs that start off accidentally revealing secrets and then full-on embracing them, like "Sleeping With Barbara" and now the Kyle/Lyle relationship song.

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Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Betsy Sodaro

Music by Scott Passarella


Act I

“This Doesn’t Matter” - Carly, Janessa, Vanessa

“Sports Boner” - Jeremy, Trent Wyzoky, The Male Soccer Team

“Empty Nest Syndrome” - Katie, Beverley, Bird Ref

“Flop Flop Flop (Interlude)” - Carly

“You Like My Face” - Vanessa, Trent Wyzoky


Act II

“You Can Be In Love” - Trent Wyzoky, Kyle, Lyle

“Ocean Avenue (Interlude)” - Carly, Katie, Bird Ref

“I’ve Got A Yellowcard (End of the Game)” - Carly, Vanessa, Trent Wyzoky

“Never Leave Your House (Interlude)” - Carly, Vanessa, Katie


“A New Day, A New Kid” - Chorus

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Yellowcard/Ocean Avenue reference was much appreciated. I knew Zach and Jess were emo kids. :D


Great show as always.

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