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Episode 8 - Everything Is Nature (w/ Mike Still)

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Mike Still (Hard Nation) leads the cast of the new flora and fauna-filled musical, "Everything Is Nature". Raccoons, crabs, and park rangers join together for songs like "Kill A Bunch of Humans", "Dry & Wet" and more. Plus, stay til the end for a special song from "CONTACT: The Musical"!

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Man this one got really out of the box right at the end. I've been away for weeks but the only bright spot of being back at work is binge-listening to the last few eps of Off Book. Zach and Jess, we love ya

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I love when Zach and Jess have animal characters in their musicals. Always adds a layer of insanity.

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That last song was absolutely relentless haha. After how neat everything was last week, it's great to see that an episode can still be great with the anarchy that was that second act.





Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Mike Still

Music by Scott Passarella


Act I

"Everything Has A Start" - Billy, Ranger Terry, Adult Supervisor Phil

"Everything Is Nature" - Terry, Cynthia, Dave

"Kill A Bunch of Humans" - Reginald The Redwood, Sam The Squirrel, John The Raccoon

"Kiss and Hug This Girl (What Will The Future Bring?)" - Terry, Cynthia, John The Raccoon, Crab


Act II

"Dry & Wet" - Crab, The Wind, Terry

"Humans Need To (Interlude)" - Crab

"Everything Is Nature/Jesus/Something/Nature (Finale)" - Chorus

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Great ep which is at least 50% funnier if you pretend that the guest is aspiring improviser Mark Hard.

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No need to pretend, his voice is automatically synonymous with the Hard bro at this point. I must admit I zoned on the words a few times, just the piano is a little too consistently good to pay attention to the rest.

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