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  1. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    Correction: Paul says during the ep that the movie should be called Watch Out for Tension Wires since they're so much more dangerous than the sharks, but ... c'mon, it's the sharks that are making the tension wires dangerous. Without the sharks, a movie about the tension wires would just be called Slack.
  2. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    During the scene where we see the footage of Jonas getting grilled by Heller after their failed expedition, Jonas has a half-eaten muffin sitting beside him on the table. It's such an odd piece of mise-en-scene, but I think the implication is that after Jonas erupted, a food fight breaks out.
  3. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    I'm actually shocked to know he was a diver, because he didn't really look like a strong swimmer ... his legs aren't straight and his arms were flailing. If you're a diver, I suppose you only really need to be strong enough to get out of the pool again, but I was a little concerned. Plus, when he's in the water, the camera tended to be right in his face. My thoughts were that the film crew were waiting just off-screen to save his floundering ass from drowning. I got the impression that Rainn Wilson was just a rich dude who was providing funding but wasn't really involved in the research. It was Suyin and her dad and Mack that were in it for the science.
  4. The_Triple_Lindy

    All About Eve

    I'll take "Things I Could've Googled Myself" for $400. Thanks, sycasey. Seems like a bunch of sites and orgs have their own lists. I just wanted one cadre of prestigious nerds to give me the definitive ranking.
  5. The_Triple_Lindy

    All About Eve

    So, I was re-listening to the episode with my wife today. The first thing that struck me was the way Paul and Amy were talking about the characters -- "What's the motivation for the character? Why don't they do this instead? What do you think their relationships are all about?" The second thing that struck me is the way that my wife and I then started having a similar conversations about the movie and the characters. And then, of course, the same thing is happening here on this board. I think that this, perhaps above all, is why the movie (as well as some of the others on this list) is so good ... we're only with these characters for roughly two hours, and yet this movie is so textually rich that viewers can deep-dive on it without even realizing it. This movie makes it so superbly easy to treat and talk about its characters like they are real people that we know. It's a total character study. Movies like Platoon, King Kong, and Titanic have other things happening, but All About Eve was just ... well, all about Eve, and Margo and Addison, et al, and how Eve's arrival upsets the balance between all of these people. The writing is so deep, the characters are so realized, and the acting is so good that talking about this movie feels like gossiping about friends.
  6. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    Paul seems to have trouble "yes and"-ing with fictional characters. On Unspooled this week, Amy asked him something about "I wonder what King Kong would say about that," and he hit her with the whole implausible premise critique, too. I'd say it was his kryptonite, but he'd probably just tell me that kryptonite isn't real.
  7. The_Triple_Lindy

    All About Eve

    Just out of curiosity, is there an International Film Institute? I'd love Top 100 Films of the World list ... it'd be great what shakes out in the rankings if folks like Kurosawa, Eisenstein, Fellini, and Zhang were considered.
  8. The_Triple_Lindy

    All About Eve

    I really enjoyed this movie, and like Paul, I haven't seen much of Bette Davis save for Baby Jane. The writing here is somewhere between Hemingway and 30 Rock (as I type this, the Tina Fey clip just started playing, so that's awesome). Every line reveals and exposits something about the speaker. The dialogue is biting, witty, and full of puns and double entendre and metaphor. I had to watch the first 45 minutes over because I had started it in the background and realized I was lost because I wasn't paying much attention to what folks were saying, and once I closed the laptop I got totally absorbed purely by what they were saying. I really think the writing and acting saves it, though. Next to "That was a great line," the thought I kept having the most throughout the movie is "This is great, but is it Top 100 great?" It's one of those movies that, to me, would feel more at home on the stage. Some of the cinematography feels a bit clunky, like when Addison (?) follows Eve into a room and then talks to her from 50 feet away while she's obscured by the wall of the room she just entered. Maybe that's supposed to be a symbolic shot, but the oddity of the composition was distracting at times. But again, I really dug it and was surprised how relevant it still is (as I have been by several of the movies covered by this podcast). And I think I'm in love to Bette Davis now.
  9. The_Triple_Lindy

    All About Eve

    You're so cute for thinking that those who would self-apply the "American" label are internationally minded.
  10. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Oh see, I didn't even catch that moment. Yeah, he's just a lech, then, isn't he?
  11. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    June's whole notion about Italian views on sex and love must just come from a combo of mafia movie "goomah" characters and the "swarthy, foreign fuckboy" stereotype, and maybe that one prime minister they had. Every Italian I've ever met has been ... you know, just a person, with the same attitudes about love and sex as most average people have. At some point, I thought that maybe Giorgio and his wife had a kind of "monogamish" relationship. Like because he's a touring artist on the road for long stretches and just can't or won't go for that long without sex, he's allowed to have a fling here and there to borrow some friction from strangers, just as long as he comes home to her in the end (as well as get tested, bring her t-shirt from San Francisco, whatever deal they have). Plus his manager admits knowledge that he's a total horndog, although his friends are obviously stunned. And if that were the case, who's to say that Carla isn't also getting it in on the side while he's gone? We never see her, so who the hell knows what she's up to. If that's the kind of relationship that fits the lifestyles of two consenting adults, I don't think anyone should judge. On the other hand, even though Giorgio doesn't lie about being married when he's confronted, he's not exactly forthcoming with that info up front -- that's a bad look. Plus that whole "you can't fall in love with me" bullshit is a non-starter -- once Giorgio gleans that Pahmella might even maybe get hurt over the course of their fling, it's on him to knock it off. That's trifling with affections, that.
  12. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Kitfo spaghetti?
  13. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Can we talk more about those kids that Dr. Pahmela is going to start hacking tonsils out of? There's the main kid, James, who despite not being a small kid himself and being obsessed with ice cream, jabs at Giorgio repeatedly about his weight. Then there's the kid in a neck brace from an unknown injury, but he taunts and teases James about the anesthesia, so I'm willing to bet he was there originally for tonsillitis and probably just got his neck wrung by the other kids in the tonsil ward. And there's the one kid in glasses and a red robe who, while Giorgio is singing with them, keeps hitting Green Acres in the shoulder. It's not in time with the music or anything ... just random slaps on the back. For me, even weirder than the pies-on-ladders was the stiff interaction between Giorgio and these kids. When James tries to run in fear of the upcoming operation, Pavarotti enters by blocking the doorway, putting his hat on him, and then they kind of waltz back into the room, and he's got this pissed-off scowl on his face like he's thinking "Ugh, fucking kids." But it's pretty clear later on that he loves kids and is really sweet with them. (Incidentally, OMISSION: Giorgio does mention here that he has two children ... that's the first moment we hear about his family. Sort of. In a real "gonna be just honest enough to still get laid" way.) (Also incidentally, OMISSION: the doctor who asks Pahmela about her wild opera fling is the same doctor who tries to sing for Giorgio when he's there with the kids earlier, so he's obviously some opera superfan groupie. It might also be why he's on tv at the hospital. Otherwise, one could only posit that they live in some kind of Metalocalypse universe where everyone's lives revolved around Giorgio.)
  14. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Paul talked about what a notorious horndog Pavarotti was in real life. Per Wikipedia, he divorced his wife of 35 years to married his personal assistant, who was already pregnant at the time. She's talking about Hannah Gadsby's comedy special, "Nanette." It's brilliant. Go watch it now. I'll wait. If Downton Abbey has taught us anything, it's that servants have work hours and off hours, and by god you better respect that shit.