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    Paul mentioned this week that they’re prepping for another Howdies (yay!), and he wanted us to come up with some categories. As far as the forums are concerned, I thought I would start this thread to help facilitate this. So if you have any categories or bits you think should be highlighted by the gang, please post them here. I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas. The last Howdies were up to Episode 135–Solar Babies (wow!), so I guess anything from Episode 136–Hell Comes to Frogtown (double wow!) through Episode 235–The Great Wall is fair game. (Also, if @DanEngler or other mod could pin this thread, that would be fantastic ) Current Categories (we can add more): Best Recreation (When a Host/Guest acts out a scene) Best Metaphor (This Movie is Like...) Weirdest Thing Jason is Turned on By  Best Host Theory Best Celeb Impression by a Guest Grossest Sex Talk Best Tangent Best Guest Laugh Best Explanation Hope Best One Liners Best Moment of Realization (Think Rudy from Reindeer Games moment) Best New Word created on the Podcast Best Impression by a Host Best Audience Correction and Omission Best Mini Ep Correction & Omission Best Thing that June is truly Upset by Best New Movie Pitch based on a Movie that we watch (This Movie Should have been, a Sequel pitch or Alt movie) Best Guest One Liner Best Abuse of someone in the Crowd Best Second Opinion Best Second Opinion Theme Best Use of Google Best Jessica St Clair Moment Best “How Did We Get Scheer” (Tales from Paul’s Past) Best June Just Not Having It Best Made-up Hypothetical Spin-off (i.e. Chardonnay Talk, “Fry or Fuck,” the one about Jamie Gertz “Ladies of the Eighties” I think...) Best Paul Intro Line Best Fashion Talk Best Moments of Hosts Attacking a City and/or Country Best Moments of Paul Aggressively Mispronouncing Someone's Name
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    This. Plus the fact that that whole sequence ( that is beautiful btw ) took like six months to shoot, and during those six months no one came forward to say, hey, so... the people in the streets, are we... are they just going to keep on driving, minding their own business? No one is stopping, taking pic... NO?! No. Cool, cool. Flew right over my head ( twice ), only got it when i saw the wiki page. The tonal and visual shift was so jarring that it completely took me out of the film. This is actually realistic. You'd die from hypothermia before you'd suffocate for lack of oxygen, but he's only out of the ship for a couple of seconds, so he could, theoretically, survive it ( i learned this from watching The Expanse ). Besides, he's supposed to be genetically augmented/enhanced, maybe that helped. NO. No. I didn't care for it, and it's all i see whenever i see him in anything now. I'd love to see the notes he got on set though. Mila Kunis deserves better than this, and Charming Taters was charming, as long as i didn't see his ears. The final kicker for me was the final battle, when the refinery is collapsing, and suddenly we go from a super elaborate hyper detailed CGI fantasy ( Taters vs Reptilian Overlord ) into an 80s hair rock music video ( Jupiter vs Mommy Issues ). It takes talent to make real fire look fake, but they sure pulled it off. . I think i enjoyed it more than you. Beyond the idiotic script and the hubris of thinking they could actually pull this off, there are some really gorgeous shots, and the ships and the tech where beautifully rendered. The problem with the Wachowskis is that they can't edit, they just throw everything at the screen, but imo too many ideas >>> a lack of ideas, even if means things get messy. Final thoughts : So the human aliens/emperors whatever, main race caused the extinction of the dinosaurs ( cool idea ), then kinda stepped back for SIXTY FIVE MILLION YEARS, came back, spliced their DNA into Neanderthals ( I guess? Another cool idea ), got those extinct ( not cool ) and created humans. Meanwhile, i live in a 70 sqm apartment and i can't find a 10€ voucher that i know i got in February. Also, is the refinery causing the Great Red Spot in Jupiter? Again, another cool idea.
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