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I went VHS shopping last week, and picked up this Child Safety PSA for 33 cents. Little did I know it would contain a bit about Michael Jackson!


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This may be very controversial but I decided to share it anyway,


this woman freaked out after a guy started his car with her kid near by.


the kid got startled and she just unleashed into a ball of crazy racist fury.





her response is super ridiculous and does not help her case at all.



Just came here to post this one. Matt and his guests HAVE to watch this one. The response on the radio show is definitely the more ridiculous one that I'd love to get thoughts/scenes about.

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This videos pretty old, cant remember if its been on Improv4humans


Whistling Cars annoy Neighborhood

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This is a clip of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles making an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. While there are a lot of bizarre scenes to this, the standout moment for me is when Shredder pops up at the 21:20 mark. This guy's costume is terrible.




He's a stage actor on a talk show set filled with screaming kids. No choice but to go big.


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The self proclaimed heir to half of New York argues with a shop owner who asks him and his drunken friends to leave. (Note: Camera phone is VERY shakey, but audio should work for podcast) Start at 00:12 in.



(Edited to include new link to video)

Edited by MariaWC

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Stout Hearted Men by Shooby Taylor if the gang hasn't heard of it



scat music done by some guy who doesn't understand the genre but does it anyway (lyrics included!)

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