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  1. So WAS Jayne really becoming a "star" ? At best she was a novelty act. She's not actually the attraction of that song, the initial pull is the rock and roll sound and the real band. Her interesting ability is... interesting and probably could have gotten her on some kind of variety show or something like that but SHE isn't the star . At best she's a flash in the pan kind of sensation. Would that be enough for Fats or would he just have kept pushing her? Also what WAS Fats plan for her? Keep finding songs with sirens? Try to take over the siren recording industry next so that every ambulance in town screams like Jerry?
  2. There are teens in the audience at the very end who I think they are trying to make fun of because the one girl is like mesmerized by Fats rock and roll song about rocks. This movie is mind boggling. There's no way anything like it could be made today, much less some how be successful with the target audience/ because of the things it's trying to mock?
  3. Tuna salad. Really anything with fish or mayonnaise is going to make me personally want to vomit so I'm biased but a tuna salad or egg salad sandwich on soggy white bread.
  4. 100%. Speaking of Julie London was her life REALLY ruined? I mean... we don't really get any story on her other than she's a star now and she didn't want to be? Is she being forced to perform or is this like a Judy Garland being abused by the studios type situation? I'm sure she's under contract but she could not renew it when the time comes. Or if she's so tragically unhappy just say fuck it and let them have hung amounts of money and buy her way out somehow? Is Julie being held prisoner? Did he sell his ex girlfriend into some form of musical servitude?
  5. I can kind of hear a similarly but I know nothing about music. I do know that I love Julie London's Cry Me A River but I had no idea who she was or who the person singing the song was. I just know it came on like Pandora or a playlist someone made and I loved it but had no idea who it was . So that was nice finally having a face and a name for this.
  6. So I just wanted to give a shout out to the costume designer for this. Especially for the red dress for the pub crawl/ powder room trips. His name is Charles LeMaire and he was influential in getting the Academy to have a costume design award. He worked on Broadway for Ziegfeld Follies and did a bunch of movies one of my favorite being his work with Edith Head on All About Eve (he did Marilyn Monroe's dress) .
  7. Oh totally! It's very much an accident . When the scene first started I was honestly, very annoyed. Like oh of COURSE she loves this stuff because she's the perfect 50's woman! But just the throwaway line of "I'm more than just sexiness" felt to me like that was probably something Jayne had to deal with in real life? I don't know I'm probably reading into it. I just found it very poignant coming from someone who was pretty much sold to the public based on her sexiness.
  8. I actually started looking up stuff and I just finished this really interesting article in Rolling Stone and they talk about segregated concerts and how rock and roll really did start to challenge Jim Crow laws. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/the-rope-the-forgotten-history-of-segregated-rock-roll-concerts-126235/
  9. I was thinking about something along similar lines: How do you think the non white cast of performers were treated? This movie was made during Segregation. I'm sure they were paid less than the white singers because black performers routinely were. Doubly so for black female performers. Do you think because it's a film set people were (there is no nice way to put this) less racist assholes? Because they were more used to dealing with different people and were tolerant/ not racist douchebags? Or did the black performers just stuck together and didn't interact with anyone? Was the set segregated and if so how much?
  10. So when they are driving to Long Island to see Fats Murder Museum of Memories did anyone else flinch at seeing that truck in the green screen background with Jayne at the wheel given how she died? I don't think it was the kind of truck that killed her but still... seeing her driving was eerie
  11. Ok so I genuinely enjoyed this movie. I mentioned it in a comment in the preview section but the line Jayne has about wanting to be a mom but people only seeing her as a sexpot, is in my opinion, a really feminist statement. I know that sounds insane because it's such a 50's idea of the perfect woman who just wants to stay home and have babies but Janye sells it. She sells that she is a genuinely maternal person who loves being domestic and people keep sexulizing her and putting their fantasies onto her and forcing her to be this person. Which we see literally happen with Fats who won't even let her clean her own house or cook for herself. Girlfriend can't even wear one of her cute (and totally useless) frilly aprons! He just takes all agency away from her. She's like his doll through most of the movie (so I was LIVING or the bouillon scene) I think it's highlighted best when she's being fitted for her wedding dress. She looks like a literal doll with no life in her.
  12. So I'm only 26 minutes into the movie and I LOVE Jayne Mansfield SO MUCH. She's just a delight! I love all the music so far and I'm dying to know what movie the song about Sister Kate is from. I could honestly care less about the men. I just want to see Jayne go around and be fantastic and fun. I'm sure we'll talk about it more but I really love this line she has when she's making him breakfast about how she wants to be a mother and housewife but all everyone sees her as is a sexpot and so they think she can't do it. Which honestly is such a feminist statement ( in that feminism is about letting women choose to be what THEY want to be. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a housewife if that's what you want. It's a problem if that's what you think you have to be or that's all there is.) I'm really into this movie ! Plus I forgot how much I love the song The Girl Can't Help It
  13. One of my other favorite contestants is Howard. I just found him to be delightful
  14. She's the girl of my dreams: she can bake, she's hilarious, she's stunning,and she called Paul Hollywood a peacock. Honestly I don't know if you could build a more perfect person?
  15. gigitastic

    Episode 199.5 - Minisode 199.5

    All I know is that I'm going to be spending the entirety of Action Jackson thinking about Arrested Development and the various things Carl needs to get a stew going. Hope you feel better soon Paul! I'm coming down with my yearly fall cold because I refuse to realize it's too cold out to sleep with the window open(I live on the second floor over seniors it gets really hot in here) so I feel you!