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  1. Elektra Boogaloo

    John Wick 3

    I would like to know how Halle Berry trained her dogs to bite men in the dick. ...for a friend.
  2. Elektra Boogaloo

    John Wick 3

    It was good but a bit long.
  3. Elektra Boogaloo

    John Wick 3

    Anyone seen John Wick 3 yet? I have tickets for Sunday. And remember, don't touch Jason.
  4. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    I want “Turn off the birds” to be a t shirt.
  5. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 212.5 - Minisode 212.5

    I dislike Michael Bay. Don't give in to his demands, Paul! We do not negoiate with terrorists.
  6. I didn’t see the movie, is the religious book June asks about the Catechism?
  7. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 211.5 - Minisode 211.5

    This has nothing to do with anything in this episode, but I saw “Shazam” last night and in the convenience store robbery scene there is a F’real milkshake machine. I’d never seen one (I live in NYC and we have bodegas not gas station milkshakes) so I got excited because Nicole Byer talked about them in the Meg episode and I really wanted Shazam to get a milkshake.
  8. I did not watch this movie. I read the summary and was like nope. I am surprised, from listening to the episode, how little attention is given to the teenage girl. Not only do the parents not seem to care she is dead. But also, like, would a teenage girl WANT David Duchovny? Because I remember having crushes on boys and feeling like I couldn't control it. (Memorably I worked at a movie theater slinging popcorn and I had a crush on a co-worker who was tall and dumb and hot. It was so annoying and distracting. Eventually he dyed his hair that terrible blonde and it was such a relief because I didn't have to crush on him anymore.) It would be more interesting if the wife has an emotional connection to the husband but is physically attracted to Just-In or something. But maybe DD doesn't do projects that don't have every character wanting to fuck him? That is all I can figure. The Japanese version sounds much more interesting. ETA: I do agree with June that teenage girls aren't usually (some are) horny. For me, obviously, it was more crush related. Admiring guys and kissing and such. It is also weird that she'd be so confident in her sexuality to wear lingerie and such? I suppose that is the mom's influence but I would just be in crush-love with boys and NEVER speak to them. Obviously, this goes without saying but this would NEVER get made with the genders switched, as June proved.
  9. Elektra Boogaloo

    Captain Marvel *SPOILERS*

    I loved the first Captain America (and you seemed to as well) but "Thor" was actually better received--and made more money--than that one. What made me compare it to Thor and Cap is that there is a definite split. Like how Cap is small Steve and then big Steve, or how Thor is on Asgard and then Earth, "Captain Marvel" does have a disjointed feel. Though I understand why they didn't want to do a straight origin story because her origin story is effing complicated in the comics. They WAY simplified it. I think they also wanted to do something like Memento or with a more interesting structure. But it's difficult to advertise it as "Captain Marvel" when she is only Captain marvel for like 20 minutes. And they never actually call her that. There was a little kid next to me when I first saw it and he was SO confused. He kept saying "Why is Captain Marvel [doing X]..." and the dad couldn't answer. The proper response was probably "she's not Captain Marvel yet." But try explaining that to a kid. You know?
  10. Elektra Boogaloo

    Captain Marvel *SPOILERS*

    I think the best Marvel origin story movie is either Black Panther or Iron Man, but I think this one sits solidly alongside Thor (which I think it is most like) and Captain America. I'm relieved it did well enough that another will be made. Because every time a female-led movie flops, it takes a decade for another to be made. And I want to scream. Wonder Woman worked because it was good. Catwoman failed because it was bad. Why can't you figure this out! I did go see it twice in the theater just to spite men online who were trolling and trying to bring down the ratings. (I am pretty sure I saw fake reviews on Amazon just yesterday, so it wasn't just Rotten Tomatoes). Because that is how I am. I also already have a Carol Danvers "punch holes in the sky" bracelet so I need a place to wear it to. I also loved that Samuel L. Jackson got to do more than just shout and glare at people. He and Brie Larson have been in at least three movies together so they have great chemistry. (Watch Unicorn Store on Netflix.) Although I did get mad at some presenters who would say to Brie Larson "this i the first female-led Marvel movie." It's not. Elektra was. It's the first female led Marvel Studios movie. (Alternatively, the first female led MCU movie.) I am excited to see her in Endgame as well. Though I wonder how it works because Endgame was actually filmed BEFORE Captain Marvel. (Since they filmed the two Avengers movies together. I am sure they had the script because they would've at least been in pre-production when Endgame was filming. But, like, was the cat cast? Because I want to see Goose. I am very worried she got Snapped. Priorities, I has them.
  11. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 210.5 - Minisode 210.5

    I am relieved to have not won this week. I don’t want to go to war with the Dutch. I was corrected in the original thread, Dutch. Also, I can’t beat maps. Was anyone else SHOCKED by how VRBO is pronounced? That was the big takeaway from me.
  12. Fuck. But I Googled Dutch actors and it says Carice van Houten is Dutch. So we will stay on Game of Thrones and just switch it from Jaime Lannister to Melisandre. She can play Pam Helsing. RIp Aaliyah The writer of this clearly had not read the book. I also don’t understand the Archangel Gabriel thing and Kate going to Heaven. Because vampire lore is already steeped in religion, which is kind of a problem for modern audiences that aren’t all Roman Catholic. (I remember a vicious debate in Buffy fandom if a Star or David could repel a vampire like a cross.) So why would you make it MORE religious?
  13. Picture young Electra, who watched the 1990s X-Men cartoon see Hugh Jackman in his cage fighting scene in the live action X-Men. It was a big moment for me. Life changing. I went out and watched his other movies. There were like two Australian films he had been in. Then he was cast in this Ashley Judd rom-com and rhen Kate and Leopold which is strange. I even watched Swordfish. But when this movie came out... I couldn’t. I still can’t. Never seen it. Won’t see it. Will watch the cage fight from X-Men over and over again instead. (On YouTube is Bryan Singer gets no money for it.) As a book nerd, I recently reread Dracula. I can tell you that Van Helsing’s given name is neither Gabriel nor Pam. It is Abraham and he is Dutch. I sort of like the idea of what kind of monsters he hunted when he was younger, before the events of Dracula (where he is supposed to be old). But this deviates so much from the source material that it can’t even be followed. Maybe we need a reboot. I think Nikolaj Coster-Waldau could do it. He’s Dutch, right?
  14. Elektra Boogaloo

    NYC HDTGM Fans

    Where in Brooklyn are you located?
  15. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    Paul says he sleeps on a Caspar so I'm going to say yes.