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    Sounds like everyone has forgotten Mel Gibson's Hamlet. This made me curious so I went googling bad Shakespeare adaptations and this page has some pretty interesting suggestions, most of which I had not heard of (Cymbeline? Also with Ethan Hawke?).
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    Branagh's Hamlet set an impossibly high bar I think, including for himself. I can't think of a better film version of Shakespeare. As for Emma Thompson, she is every bit as talented as Branagh, and I feel it unnecessary to take sides over their long-ended relationship. It's a shame that their personal relationship ended in a way that they felt no longer able to work together.
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    I don't know ... Ethan Hawke's Hamlet was pretty bad. And if there's one that is truly worthy of this show, I'd say it was Ian McKellan's Richard III.
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    As far as my memory of this movie goes it was far from the worse Shakespeare adaptation ever.
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    Interesting. I have never seen this version of Love Labour’s Lost even though, as an English major I wrote a paper on modern adaptations of Shakespeare around this time. Mostly because it’s not my fave Shakespeare play. And also, though I know nothing of the circumstances of their split, I took Emma Thompson’s side in her divorce from Branagh. Because she is objectively better. eta: instincts confirmed. I googled it. He had an affair.
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    I haven't listened to the mini-episode, but I just learned what next week's movie is and I am outraged! I love Love's Labour's Lost!
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