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    These boots are made for walking, and Iā€™m not sure what else they do
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    An ample bidet keeps the proctologist away
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    Hey everyone! I'm Jordan Cooper, I made the infamous How Does It Feel song that got played a dozen or so times on R U Talkin REM RE: Me? I was the subject of an in-depth music podcast discussing a bunch of my songs, and in part 2 I discuss How Does It Feel (Etc...)! Here it is! Hope you enjoy it! I won't jerk you around folks, the specific How Does It Feel discussion begins at about 40min30sec! But I do hope you listen to the entire episode because that would be cool. https://fyiz.podbean.com/e/playing-records-with-john-jordan-cooper-s-midnight-confessions/ And if anyone wants to dive in more deep, here is part 1, about my early songwriting: https://fyiz.podbean.com/e/playing-records-with-john-jordan-cooper-uses-every-chord/
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