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EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

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Sean and Hayes introduce a new call-in segment called the Phonecorn Gallery where they take calls about the news, with topics like the Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Gwen Stefani, the queen, people building walls, the movie Spectre, and new bugs.

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Oh yeah, supposed to have money to buy that shirt



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Rules For A Bird

1: Eat the worm

2: Gobble that seed

3: Have eggs

4: Fly

5 Drain the three-ball


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Very excited, Can't wait. I cut my finger using a mandolin slicer yesterday and it hurts to type this but I must register my anticipation and support! Love hurts!

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Calling in was either the worst thing I've ever done or the best thing I've ever done. I haven't decided yet.


edit: I relistened to the ep and you guys are seriously so funny! There wasn't a single call that didn't get me juiced up. This has to at least be in my top 3 HH call-in episodes.

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can't believe i missed another call in episode

i'm too busy playing videogames to check the forum every day of my entire life

did any of you ever play a videogame? it was pretty cool right

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I'm ten minutes shy of the end but I'm willing to award this the best call-in ep award. The mean part of me wants to say that's because of no-Chanson, but really I just think the boys have got more ruthless in steamrolling the guests.

e: Tim! Don't call while your driving Tim, people care about you.

e2: seriously the boys talk so much faster than regular when they have to shepard folks w/ maybe not their razor-sharp comedic insincts. also Hayes learned from Eggs how to just cut calls dead. Cheers to the Cards Against Humanity caller, you were doing really well, shame about the Peak Rando thing kinda ruined it.

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one day, by some miracle or the very hand of God, I will be on one of these call-in episodes.

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Everyone was super nice and funny and charming. I have to agree that this might be the best of the call-in eps.


Who was the Andrew impersonator? That was probably my favorite. They even had their own personal Hayes-Laugher in the background!

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Doin a rough draft of the "ballad of the call-in episode"




Big starts to the calls (because the Rockman is a big guy)


Early tension between Ran and Andrew hopefully won't tear apart these dear forums


KOB crushing it


Andrew for real coming back to double dip but that killer joke A+ just kept getting better


Greggy doin bits like no ones bits


Josh (burdrulz) good


Souprman really served up that heartfelt tribute to France


Jeffrey's teeth best watch out


Annie's gunna keep dem peepers peeled for Missy, turning on Cody


Ashley on the run from the cops on account of that stolen baby, gunna sell that baby its small but bad business


chickensandwich sounded so regretful about how brief that phone call with Steffi was


Tim better watch out with Sean after his girl


robotam troubled


houston travelled


Scott challenged


Michael brought up painful memories of a soured business relationship


Sam's investigatin'


Nick honestly confused me


A lil bit more train talk


Then Joe wrapped us up with his Mr Freeze powers on computers


That was the call in show

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