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A couple days ago, I started a new thread topic for my plugs theme, "Time Enough for Plugs." I'm re-posting on this thread just in case, as it seems to be where all the action is.



thanks again,

Sigh Figh (aka John Walker)

Baltimore, MD

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Is there an administrative reason this thread from 2012 got moved to the top? Are we supposed to be posting links in here now, or is the regular forum still good?

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No reason, but you can post here too. Remember, ENABLE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud and try to keep them under :35 seconds. Thank you everyone for your contributions.



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I feel like Bastian from the Neverending Story part II: "...and another..."



p.s. the implications of the song have another haphazard commonality with the actor who played Bastian but this realization was only an after thought and not meant in poor taste.

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