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Hey guys!

It's Engineer Dustin. You may remember my plugs song first featured on episode 52 with Sarah Silverman, Ben Schwartz and Harris Wittels. (Good episode, go back and listen to it.) My plugs song directly influenced my dream job here at Earwolf! So when I die from laughter, maybe you'll get a shot. Anyways...

Earwolf has had many engineers, and now with two engineers we are completely lost to what songs have been played and haven't been played.

On THIS thread, if you HAVE had your song played please let us know it was played, the exact name of you and your song. As an incentive, I will make sure all songs on this thread are played again this year!

On THIS thread, if you HAVE NOT had your song played yet please repost it.

1. Our forum upload is random. A lot of great songs don't get played because I can't get to them. Please upload to Soundcloud, or any music server and ENABLE THE DOWNLOAD!! Or send the external download link like Mediafire or Dropbox etc. Youtube videos work for me as well, I can lift the audio.

2. Try to keep it original! We are straying away from doing copyrighted stuff so get creative. A good interpretation parody song might still fly. This is a great way to get yourself heard.

3. If you are a musician, leave us the best place for us to check you out! We will start integrating them into the show!

Please Don't:

1. Make your song too long. Ideal song length's are :16-35 seconds. Not saying you should limit yourself but a little discipline goes a long way. Those are the ones I play.

2. It goes without saying that the plug songs are typically really good, I think Jukebox Jury songs get more leeway for the delightfully bad. So to the guys just plugging in a mic & messing around think to yourself "would this be funnier as a Jukebox Jury song, or a Plugs song?"

3. I will NEVER post ANYTHING on our show that has samples of pornography. It's not just in bad taste, it's not pleasant for me to listen to at work.

And we need MORE MORE MORE plugs themes! Tell your friends, churn them out. Go, go go.

Thank you so much for your help! Lets make the plugs songs of 2012 magical, for end times sake!

- Dustin

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I have had the Whats up Hot dog Memorial Plugs song played on episode 107

I've had Emotional Plugs played on episode 110

and have not had CBB Plug songs #3 played yet

Thanks Dustin,

p.s. that porn one was fucking gross

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Hey Dustin,

Wow, thank you so much for playing my song this past week. I am honestly surprized anyone liked it, but it was great to hear Bob Odenkirk's (one of my Gods) reaction; it was really nice of him. I appreciate you all taking a gamble like that; but Mr. Celebrity Guestman has now been played.

I made another one last night, but it is another parody, and doesn't make too much sense, but just thought i would share. take care,

Plugs, Dates, and Self-Promoting

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Hey Angela, that plug song and your band are terrific. You guys sound so professional; Hope you all make it on soon.

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Hi Dustin, my name is John kelmer. I was trying to edit my username but couldn't seem to do it. thanks again, take care.

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This song has NOT been played yet. Hopefully you'll have to trouble downloading. Just copy and paste this into your browser:




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I've had one of my songs played. Titled "Butt Plug Rock" by me, Joren Willey.

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Hello Engineer Dustin,


I've had two songs played:


"Plugs Song" on episode 95


"Tell Me" on episode 102

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Hi Dustin. My theme has not been played.

Here are the details:


Artist: Mark Saul

Track: Something To Plug

Twitter: @MarkSaul



"A Brit-Pop homage to our favorite part of the show."



I'm covering all of my bases by giving you guys a couple of file options.


Here's where you can download it:




And here's a link to it on SoundCloud:




And I also started my own thread with the mp3 attached in a file here:






Thanks for putting on a great show,


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Here's my first submission, titled "If You Plug Me Yours I'll Plug You Mine"




www.twitter.com/_MattressSale or www.youtube.com/user/MattressSale - although I don't post to them much, but a plug is a plug!

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