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Aha! I prefer this idea instead of getting buried in obscurity and not knowing if it's rude to "bump"


I am Todd, the band is Fourth Grade Security Risk


This has already been featured way back in episode 64





These have not been used (and are way better!):


Where Can I See (You)



Say It In the Plugs


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Dear Engineer Dustin and Engineer TBA,

My WUHDMP theme has yet to be played because I didn't know how to use a computer properly until recently. I believe I have captured the emotional intimacy of CBB and wrapped it in an intestinal smorgasbord of musicality creating this WUHDMP, which can now be enjoyed.




Long live Hot Saucerman!

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I had one played a while ago. I don't remember the episode number off-hand (it was back when these were submitted on Facebook and soundcloud says I uploaded it about a year ago). The title was Plugs Core



I do have a brand new one that I just posted called A Time to Air Our Plugs.


If that makes it to air, you can credit my real name (Patrick Richards) or my fake artist name (frux).

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Is this still "The Appropriate Thread"?

Golly I hope so, because "the appropriate board" is swamped with things that aren't in "the appropriate thread" and I haven't been played since episode 64... :(

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Not sure if I was supposed to make a new thread or post in here...Sorry!


But this is a plugs theme (our first one) by my band Sally


We have a bunch more in the works too!



Thanks! If you are so kind as to use it, please credit it to Sally and our facebook page is www.facebook.com/sallyband


or our website is www.sallyband.com

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Hi Dustin,


I submitted this song back in February. It hasn't been used on the podcast yet, so please let me know if there's anything else I need to do to get it onto the show. Thanks so much!


Artist: Mark Saul

Track: Something To Plug

Twitter: @MarkSaul


"A Brit-Pop homage to our favorite part of the show."


Here's where you can download it:




Here's a link to it on SoundCloud:




Thanks for putting on a great show,


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