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submit youtube clips for improv4humans

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Guys PLEASE pay close attention to the "good video" rules. Thanks!

  • NOT an act, a fake, or funny-on-purpose.
  • NOT a music video or song performance.
  • NOT an "Everything is Terrible" style edit.
  • It can't rely on the visual to understand. It needs to work on an audio podcast.
  • For long videos, let me know when I should start it to get to the good part. There should be a way to embed the video to start at the time you want.
  • It's not too similar to other videos and subject matter that has been used before.

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Okay, you guys have to check out this video. It's from a Public Access show that airs in Springfield, Illinois. The show is called Biblical Poetry, and all the poems are written by this lady. In this particular episode, she tackles the big problem facing society today, men pissing. Men pissing on themselves, on each other, on trees and beds and cornfields. Men pissing on highways or at carnivals. Every poem is about men pissing.


The entire thing really is worth the watch, but you can start at 1:12 for her to dive into her introduction of her show on "Men Pissing in Public," followed by a list of reasons why men piss in public. These reasons include, but are not limited to: No Respect for the Lord God, No Water in the Home, and Drunk.


If you scan ahead to 5:15, you'll get your first taste of one of her poems, which is titled, "Men Pissing in Fields." It begins, "Some men will walk across/A cornfield in the State of Illinois/And piss in the open field."


At 7:17 is a poem titled, "Pissing on Highways."


At 9:34, prepare to be dazzled with the poem, "Pissing on Another."


11:22 is a poem called "Pissing in Bed" which seeks to uncover the reasons why grown men piss in bed.


12:32 is a poem titled "Party/Carnival Pissing" about . . . you guessed it.


It just goes on and on. Every few minutes is a poem titled "Pissing on Self" or "Pissing on Trees."

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Apparently due to something called the Free State Project libertarians have been moving to New Hampshire to make the state more libertarian there they have been butting head with the locals (usually they are both being dicks about something trivial)


In this video (starts at 0:17) they are confronting (3:48) some locals who are removing their chalk drawings / smiley faces (bonus "assault" at 0:54)




(and before besser yells fake, it made the news when one chalker was pushed into the fountain and suffered a head injury)


One more recent: Pumpkin Fest Organizer Assaults, Threatens to Censor Local Newsman

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I wish I knew how to embed the video into the post... oh well. This will have to do. It's the longest death scene ever! from the turkish film reservoir.




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Guy thinks his constitutional rights are being violated by a train ticket inspector.

Hopefully this video will redeem my chatbot one.




The Australian public transport system is truly a circus of horrors populated by the maladjusted, the mentally deranged and the morally reprehensible, a grotesque mirror reflecting everything that is wrong with Western society and an endless source of comedy gold.


I've had some fun experiences on Sydney trains. I was on the last train to depart on the western sydney line at midnight one time when I vacated a carriage to avoid a couple of guys who were snorting cheap coke off one of the train seats only to walk into the next carriage where a couple of bogans were having sex. I went back and hung out with the coke fiends.


Another time a famous christian nutjob who used to go around baptising people against their will accosted me on a train platform. I actually had another run-in with him about a year later when he walked into a full carriage and started giving a sermon to everyone. I knew what was coming so I almost broke down laughing looking at everyone sitting there in petrified horror and confused silence, then I high-tailed it out of there before he could get out his flask of holy water.


If you don't believe me type in any combination of the words fight / argument / racist / sydney / train / bus / western sydney into youtube. The depravity and the despair is endless.

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This guy gets a [figurative] boner from asserting his dominance over people in already humiliating situations, and shares the video as though it's a great public service. Sure, theft is wrong, but acting like a giant child playing "hero" is pretty terrible too.



It's worth mentioning that there's another video of him doing the same thing to a different woman where he says that he doesn't even work for Walmart.

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This is a much better "Irish Snow" clip than what was on Big Grande


What the hell is this guy saying?





The guy's an act. I'm involved in what some people might call the comedy "industry" in his part of the world, and yeah, for defs is putting it on. Although I also have it on good authority* that there indeed are people like that all over the place here.


Best thing about him is the local comedians here are upset as he's getting plenty of bookings and paid work!


Seeing as Irish videos appear to be popular, here's another.




Not sure if it's an act or just genuine mental illness though. Worth a look anyway.


*Going more than five miles outside a "city"

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Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving


Get that shit out of here, its from a dude whose job is to make fake videos on Youtube. He made one of those fake videos about a kid flipping out about having his Xbox taken away and the dad running over it with his lawn mower. Terrible, scripted fakery. >:|

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