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    Yeah, that's what I thought too, maybe being fake bombs. To have 22 people with real bombs capable of each doing that amount of damage is INSANE! And it was just to get MONEY! Nothing done there means even one terrorist would be taken down. Meanwhile, if you have one dog collar glitch and go off, you at minimum kill yourself and everybody in the bank? Just such a dumb plan.
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    The idea that Stanley does not know how to drive a stick shift, then is forced to drive a stick shift in a high stakes situation - and is IMMEDIATLY amazing at it, is ridiculous. And the idea that John Travolta would risk this with his elaborate plan now in peril - crazypants. That car should have stalled out and jerked to a start. The idea that he hits his stride mid-car chase and then is shifting like he’s on Fast and the Furious? Nope. Also I can’t figure out how these message boards work so sorry if I’m a moron and posted it in the wrong place.
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    Yeah, I get trying to look like you mean business in order to make sure you get the money, but why not have the suit bombs be fakes? In fact, I briefly though that would be the case. When everyone was making such a big deal about getting the woman back inside the bank, I thought everyone would duck and cover only for nothing to happen. Having the bombs be real and for them to cause so much death and destruction really hurts the case that Travolta is actually the “good guy” Not only is someone from Psych in this movie, but so is Tim DeKay who played the FBI agent on White Collar. With all this representation from USA shows, we really needs Jason to make a ‘Characters Welcome’ reference in the episode.
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    For those still wondering about Travolta's tie, Those were popular in the 70s. They're called "Kipper Ties".
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    This movie was a crime against style. No one looked good. Travolta has that landing strip on his face, side highlights, AND A BERET . He goes on about how "clothes make the man" while he's out here looking like a Men's Warehouse reject. High Jackman is playing golf in a bright orange loincloth and has the shittiest earring I ever did see. Poor Halle Berry looks like THAT (IS a goddess not of this world) and they put her in the most God awful fabrics known to man. That blue blousey number?! Did the costume designer just hate everyone on set? I'm not even going to touch on the daughter's clothes
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    Euripides’ Shorts? How about Euripideez nuts.
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