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    I used your dating riff ..
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    I stole the word Pringle from you I apologize. Mabye we could bond whilst stomping on sun chips as a formal apology.
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    I got a crick in my back from putting my dick in your crack
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    Pizza pizza underwear. Pepperoni derriere.
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    If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, wait 10 days and repeat. Love is weakness.
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    I'm a drunken sailor. A drailor, if you will, but you could call me a clumsy port man too.
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    Hey Scott, I’ve been to a Weird Al show, and he does say what’s up hotdog! God bless
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    Following your dreams SOUNDS great until you have to cook dinner with a crab who's also your mom, plus your dick falls off
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    Fear washed over me like some gigantic wave, and that scared me.
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