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Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

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I've given up nearly all movies/TV/music in favor of podcasts (because the return on time/money invested is infinitely higher with podcasts) so, in order to complete a Top 5 Movies, I must include every movie I've seen this year.


1. The VVitch

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane

3. Captain America: Civil War

4. Star Trek: Whatever

5. Batman v Superman: Whatever


Top Albums

1. Lera Lynn, "RESISTOR"

2. Radiohead, "A Moon Shaped Pool"

3. Angel Olsen, "MY WOMAN" (came out on Friday and I've already listened 10+ times)

4. Allie Goertz, "Sad Dance Songs" (a concept album about Rick and Morty, which I hadn't watched until 2016 so fuck off)

5. The title track of Chantal Claret's "Conquistadora" (because the rest of the album is tonally unrelated)

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Can't say I've heard too much new music recently...I bought Iggy Pop's newest the other day, but haven't really had a chance to listen to it yet.


No. According to my asshole baby, it's The Carpenter's Greatest Hits all day, every day--and then only if I'm singing along. So this:




However, even though I do a pretty good approximation of Karen Carpenter's voice, my wife has described being forced to listen to it non-stop while she pumps her breasts as a "living Hell." Go figure...


Otherwise, I'm on top of the world. :)/>

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1.Cap Civil War

2. Green Room

3. Nice Guys

4. Star Trek Beyond

5. Deadpool


Honorables: Keanu, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and... wait for it...



13 Hours (that michael bay bengazi movie) Cause it's just been that kind of year for movies. Such a bad year that a michael bay movie was actually one of the better offerings for big budget films...

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Oh I have a semi-fun thing we can all talk about before the new episode!


What about everyone's top 5 2016 movies so far?


Mine are as follows

1. The Invitation

2. Captain Fantastic

3. Hell or High Water

4. Cap. America Civil War

5. Deadpool


Shit now I have to look through my DLM challenge list to go over everything I've seen.


1. Deadpool

2. Don't Breathe

3. Captain America: Civil War

4. Kill Your Friends

5. Blood Father


Honorable Mentions: The Bronze, BvS: Dawn of Justice, Hardcore Henry, Elvis & Nixon, and Green Room


Since I've seen over 300 new movies this year I also wanted to include my Bottom 5 for the year so far (1 on this list being the worst)


1. Creative Control, seriously fuck this movie

2. Mojave

3. Independence Day 2

4. Now You See Me 2

5. War Dogs

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The Wailing is great! On my list too. People who love a good old CRAZY horror movie should seek it out. It's gonzo in the way that South Korea seems to have nailed over the last several years. Aside from that one, my other 2016 picks would be:


The Lobster

High Rise (naked Tom Hiddleston, y'all. Luke Evans is also terrific.)

Krisha (indie family drama about a shitty alcoholic mother; sympathetic and authentic -- it doesn't excuse or villify the lead's behavior.)

Green Room (that belly getting sliced is the movie moment of the year, for me.)


I couldn't stop thinking about The Wailing and The Lobster for days after watching them. How did you interpret the endings of these movies?

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He's sorry you guys...




I know how sensitive you are.


I am sorry if I have cast any of my movies in a way which might upset you.


I am sorry if the subject matter or views expressed in any of my past films or those I might make in the future upset you in any way or cause you distress or anxiety.


I am sorry if I treat any subject matter in any of my movies flippantly or not seriously and promise I will under no circumstances depict anything in a self consciously “fun” manner, as a hollow attempt to “entertain”.


I am sorry if I fail to make movies exclusively about positive feelings which promote affirmations of individual empowerment in each and every audience member.


I am also sorry if, for the sake of drama, I focus on anything potentially “triggering" negative emotional responses in any way.


I am sorry if, also for the sake of drama, I must from time to time depict characters who hold politically incorrect views or indeed commit politically incorrect deeds, and I undertake to ensure these characters shall be seen to suffer greatly for their ignorance and to make it clear they are “bad” people.


I am sorry if my depicting any people as “bad” in any of my movies offends you.


Finally, if anyone finds this post upsetting due to being self-consciously satirical and therefore ridiculing or belittling in any way, then…


I am sorry. Just truly deeply sorry.



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Oh god, this endless war between jaded gen-x cynicism and millenial empowerment culture makes me want to live off-grid. I'm so tired of what seems to be a complete inability for people to be centrist or empathetic or see things in shades of gray at all. It feels like culture is broken. Maybe this is just US electoral tensions/nihilism, but I feel like things weren't as crazy four or eight years ago.


Like if you make a shitty movie with pretty clear weird racist casting and people call you out on it, you should be able to say, at the very least "huh, I don't see it that way, but I respect your perspective and I'll listen to you, if you promise to listen to me". Instead of being completely sarcastic and dismissive, which does no good to anyone, especially not you.


I'm not even on social media but this fight over anti-PC/SJWs/Ghostbusters has colored everything on the entire internet for the last couple of years.


"I don't have a facebook" is the new "I don't even own a tv", isn't it?




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His post makes this tangential defense of him a bit more painful, but honestly blaming Hollywood's casting problem on him and other directors is a bit unfair.


The fact that he couldnt get the insane budget he did for this movie without having huge name white actors like Geoffrey Rush, Gerard Butler and Jaime Lannister is indicative of a much larger problem. Hollywood is still very actively interested in marketing movies to racists.


Like when they fucking told Jet Li he wasnt going to be kissing Aliyah at the end of Romeo Must Die, because "audiences werent ready to see an Asian romantic lead". Or Shaq had to give that dumb hug to Annabeth Gish at the end of Steel. They might has well have just told the both of them that racist assholes who make up a large percentage of their viewing audience arent ready for it.


Until movie studios start taking the stance of "fuck these people and their money" and stop taking bigoted perspectives into their account when they make their casting decisions, its hard to solely blame a director for his casting decisions especially when it directly affects not only his budget but his ability to even get a project greenlit.


In terms of this movie in particular, I'll link to Amy Nicholson's review of this movie in which she describes her opinion of the racial controversy around this movie, which mainly mirrors my own. If Gerard Butler was attempting an egyptian accent or something along those lines rather than just blatantly speaking in a scottish accent this movie would be a 1000% more offensive. This movie isnt set in historical ancient egypt in takes place in a batshit amalgamation of Hollywood and Ancient Egypt.




People should also take into account that for him it must be an even crazier debate as this is what he looks like, and remember that he was born in Egypt.



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Also the day that movies start getting cast 100% ethnically correct is the day that my man Cliff Curtis finds himself with a dramatically smaller pool of roles to choose from.



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This movie is nominated for 5 Razzies this year! They are: Worst Picture, Worst Director (Alex Proyas), Worst Actor (Gerard Butler), Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Combo (Any two Egyptian gods or mortals).

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The fact that Chadwick Boseman was in this popped into my head recently.  Gods of Egypt was one of my go-to fun, bad movies for a while.  The multiple Thoths scene was one of the fun bits where GoE had potential. 

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