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Dave Servo

Can't Stop The Music (1980)

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The movie stars Bo Derek knockoff Valerie Perrine, Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, and The Village People. It's essentially the made up story about how the Village People got together.


Don't let the term musical throw you, there's maybe 6 songs in the entire movie. The movie could've been 15 minutes long and it would've been as satisfying emotionally.


The YMCA song might be the gayest thing I've ever seen.


It's available for streaming on Netflix Instant.





Edit: Sorry to whichever mod had to move my post. I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.

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The movie stars Bo Derek knockoff Valerie Perrine


Valerie Perrine actually came on the scene before Bo Derek when she was nominated for an Oscar for playing the stripper wife of Lenny Bruce in 1974's Lenny, with Dustin Hoffman playing Bruce. Derek's first major movie role was 1977's Orca.

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Just watched it... Good God, this needs to happen.




Paul, jason June? can we get this a happening.

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and Bruce Jenner



Who wears short shorts!


There is nothing wrong with that outfit. in the 80's this was called a win win. You take a old pair of denim jeans and you cut the bottomes off of them and wear them like shorts, How could you lose.


Scary pointless fact of the day: if you goto youtube and type "denim jeans cut offs" you'll be shocked and amazed at how many people are still doing this. and Most of them are girls.

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yes, stumbled upon this last night. starts off really horribly, before they unveil this is supposed to be THE village people, not just an assortment of clowns. a bad film with some really bad music too.


introducing Bruce Jenner!


what it has against it: it's kind of tongue in cheek at times/supposed to be stupid , which makes it less fun to make fun of or criticise.

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Okay...this should be reviewed...soon! There's the Village People, musical numbers, Steve Guttenberg on roller skates, and...Bruce Jenner in short shorts!



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I need to bring this movie's thread up again because of something I realized. This movie and Xanadu both feature annoying male leads portrayed by terrible actors who add nothing to the plot. The Apple is almost the same way apart from the lead having at least some bearing on the plot, but it's so batshit crazy that you'd hardly notice it.

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We just covered Can't Stop the Music on our podcast Gotta Love the Gute, but I'd love the hear HDTGM's take on it.


The Pseudo autobiography of disco's The Village People. They already covered Xanadu and both these movies where the inspiration for the Razzies.


From IMDB.com

This film, playing on a 99-cent double bill with Xanadu (1980), inspired John Wilson to create the Golden Raspberry Razzie Awards in 1980.



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This movie is such a natural to be covered. Here are a few more reasons


1) Besides having the bad timing of being released at the height of disco backlash, it also came out the same day as The Blues Brothers.

2) Olivia Newton John turned down the lead in this movie to star in Xanadu- and that was the right decision since Xanadu is the better movie!

3) It pretty much killed Valerie Perrine's movie career. Although Superman II came out later, all her scenes were shot during Superman I production before this movie.

4) In the film, they use the Village People in an ad for milk aimed at children that even features a kid version of the group, including a kid leather biker!

5) This movie cost more to make than The Empire Strikes Back which came out the same year.

6) First big budget Hollywood movie directed by a woman (Yentl was three years later). Comedienne Nancy Walker was signed to a multi-picture deal with much fanfare, but after this movie flopped they just paid off her contract.


And the movie is free for viewing right now on Amazon Prime in glorious HD.

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