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Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

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Sean and Hayes weigh in on the Cecil the lion controversy. Then, MIKE STILL, featured in Fast Company Magazine, stops by the studio to talk to the guys about sex positivity with his son, becoming the next Lorne Michaels, and the first time they all saw Princess Leia.

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Great video everyone! So cool that the birthday message was broadcast simultaneously on the "big 5" right at midnight (and congrats to the CW for finally joining the big leagues). I much prefer this youtube cut without the commercials, though, so thanks for posting. Obviously, we've all got our tickets for "We Are Your Friends" already, so I was kinda miffed they were trying to take the spotlight from Sean with all those ad-buys. Watch yourself Efron, for once this isn't about you.



Anyway - Happy Birthday, Sean (and you too, Mr. Obama - time for you to stop lurking and start posting already!)

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Happy birthday Sean or whatever. You don't even need to play that video, you can just enjoy that thumbnail. Pretty sexy if you ask me.

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remember that time on the Simpsons with Michael Jackson and he sings Lisa that birthday song with Bart? what a good show right? the Simpsons wow what a wild ride it's been


anyways Sean,

I wish you love and goodwill,

I wish you peace and joy,

I wish you better than your heart desires

And your first kiss from a boy (Hayes)


big huge shoutout to Ana for making our magical video come to life. If you ask me, she's the real birthday hero


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You can sing regular Happy Birthday now, there was a new law I read about in News. Maybe they'll cut out that scene from the Simpsons now.


P.S. Yes, many thanks to Anastasia for putting this all together, thanks to Earwolf for their forums and for releasing Hollywood Handbook, thanks to no wait I'm not done, turn off that music, no I have so much more to say

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Guys, which one is Sean?









I'm kidding.


Looking forward to the episode. Usually a good listen so check it out if you're on the fence.


Edit: Just listened now. Good episode. Very reminiscent of the Seinfeld episode where they talk about masturbation without directly saying it, Chinese Restaurant.

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Happy birthday Clemdawg !!!


Really glad you had your birthday on a Tuesday --- the same day as a new episode !


So it's kind of like everyone's birthday really.

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Dear Sean,


I consider you a close personal friend of mine, but not in a creepy way.

It's in a totally normal way.

Where I think we're very good pals.

And I haven't met you.

It's chill.

Text me sometime, ya punk!

Or come over!

I have a basketball hoop in the backyard!

Haha, no pressure.

But, honestly, drop by whenever.

I'm usually home.

Happy birthday.




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Everyone knows that tiger penis is meant to be ground up and snorted for virility

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I think it is great that Mike STILL is a close friend. For a while there things were shaky, but that didn't change the close friend status

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Yo S-Dawg, was just checking today's holiday's list and noticed it was "National White Wine Day" which reminded me of that crazy time we had in Napa Valley (you hate Merlot, lol.) So I hope you're celebrating with a nice glass of that chardonnay you liked so much. Anyways hope you have a really great day.



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This was such a silly and good ep.


I think Sean was laughing so much because it was his bday. Happy bday Sean.

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