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    I used to heavily be involved in church culture, including managing a Christian bookstore. A friend of mine asked me to hold a case of beer for him while he went to go and grab something else and I almost lost my job because of it.
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    This is a bit old but I thought of you guys. Samuel L Jackson guesses his movies by reviews (with Brie Larson) IS "Deep Blue Sea" a thriller? I say no if SLJ says no.
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    Yeah, that’s pretty extreme, but I think it depends on the church. My mother has worked for churches since I was 10. Four separate churches (same denomination) and each really had their own personality. Some were really loosey-goosey and some were pretty conservative. And while none of those churches ever ran anyone out of town, some of the stricter ones will certainly let you know when you’re not wanted. So, run you out of town? Probably not. Run you out of the church? Yeah, I can definitely see that.
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    #582 Practice Sacks with Joe Wengert as the coach of the Bismarck Dinner Dogs?
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    Two in the pink, one in the sink, we really need to invest in more meat thermometers.
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    A very happy belated birthday to @Cameron H.!
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    This is the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. I want this played at my funeral with no context
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    Is this town next to the Footloose town? I don't know if it's because we rarely went to church or what but to run a single mother out of town for singing secular music seems a *bit* extreme yes?
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    Side note of some small things to point out: In the podcast, I think they refer to Cunningham as "someone who doesn't like to be thanked." Just to clarify, he doesn't like to be thanked because he's poor and is paying off a debt to Atticus that he doesn't have the money for (so he has to pay in goods he's growing). And being thanked for that payment effectively reminds him of this fact. Lots of the movie is about Scout being given social hints about how it hurts the pride of poor people and to be considerate of them (they point this out in the podcast better with the syrup scene). Another observation - Atticus struggling to shoot the gun with his glasses on. Seemed like a clear metaphor about how Atticus doesn't want to engage in violence, he wants to stick to the rational, but in the end, to take care of the rabid dog, he ultimately has to remove his glasses in order to kill it. The dog, I'll just assume is a metaphor for what happens with Ewell.
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    So I'm an idiot, I was thinking of This Is How We Do It
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    I know Ignition (Remix) I can still play almost every weekend at wedding dances and people love it. *shrug*
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    Which makes sense for Beyonce but was Montell Jordan a thing anymore? He hasn't had a hit since maybe 1998 unless he had a song after Let's Ride that I don't know. I know he wrote hits for others but I don't think he was a big name outside of the industry anymore.
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    Did anybody else think Steve Harvey also ran the funeral parlor as it was the only ads he ever read?
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    i honestly think this movie, much like Blues Brothers 2000, was built around the songs/musicians. Like they went "well we can get X, Y, Z musicians and songs" and built a story around it and didn't care if things didn't make sense.
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    Also I love at how much they've expanded the roles of Lance Reddick and Ian McShane over the last two films, especially Reddick who most people don't realize can be really funny. I have to assume that he just submitted this video as his audition tape and that was all they needed.
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