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    Crazy thought but should we all post photos of our dads??
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    They should have been nicer to the folks at the Cards For Humans game, and I broke my 666 post count for this. Eh, well spent I guess. May the HH forums live on through history as something that was fun and good
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    Where did all of the old forum members end up? I heard Tim Treese had sex on that earwolf table he bought and the sweat made all of the sharpie signatures rub off on his skin like tattoos.
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    Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, AND bad CGI? Seems like a winner especially since the plot appears unintelligible. They go from the Tower of London to the Silk Road? Why do all these China financed movies take place on the Silk Road a la Dragon Blade?
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    Yea. A few of us watched California Christmas and found it (I think) entertainingly bad and fun to rip on. Turns out the team behind it has another movie on there called Roped. Both star the same married couple (and the woman is also the writer of these movies). Since this is our Bad Movie Watchalong Party, seems like a good fit!
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    I'm thinking i might just stick around here
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    I have been learning a lot about the Nutcracker because I have started watching “On Pointe” a docu series on Disney+ about ballet students in NYC who are training for the NYC Ballet and/or the little ones that get to be part of the Nutcracker ballet in 2019. In the story the girl main character is named Marie. I was surprised when I read a bad translation of it, because I always thought her name was Clara (because of the ballet). But in above series, they dance the Balanchine (a choreographer who I never heard of but they talk a lot about in the show since he founded ABA) version of the Nutcracker and the girl is called Marie. Does anyone know which ballet version they were dancing in the clips? I assume the classical Russian but I know nothing about ballet.
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    I saw this trailer today and once I saw Arnold in a wig as what looks like a British soldier, I knew this movie was perfect.
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