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What guest do you want to see?

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Sarp, he moved to NYC.

Can we get Jackie Clarke and Jessica St. Clair back on the show for the same ep to play Claire Woodruff and Marissa Wompler, respectively?

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Greg Proops!

Jon Wurster!
(with Tom Scharpling preferably)

Danny McBride?

Marc Maron!

Bryan Cranston!

Any or all of the Super Ego guys!

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So James is in NYC. Do phones not work there? One of my favorite PFT bits was when he called in from the blimp. The people demand James Adomian!

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Anyone from Always Sunny (preferably 2 or more together)
Anyone from MST3K/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic (preferably 2 or more together)
James Urbaniak
Dave (Gruber) Allen
Jimmi Simpson

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I want to see Sloppy Timmy, Marissa Wompler and Little Gary in a co-host/announcer competition.

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With the Community hiatus I'd love to see an ep with as much of the cast as you can get at once.
I felt like Gillian Jacobs was a bit overshadowed by Andy Daly on her appearance, and Donald Glover was on so long ago that I don't even remember it, so bring 'em back and see if they can't get a few of their castmates!

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It's time to Womp it up. Could also use more Todd Glass. Would love to hear Duncan Trussel on the Podcast. As far as big names i'd love to hear Chris Rock, or David Alan Grier. I love it when comedians come on that arn't really used to the show and they have to deal with someone like the cake boss or Don Dimelo. Speaking of those two, can't get enough of Doug Benson.

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Jeff Goldblum

Adam DeVine

Jorma Taccone

Chevy Chase

DJ Douggpound

Will Arnett

Danny McBride

Moshe Kasher

Bryan Cranston

Jack Black

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington

A. D. Miles

Conan O'Brien

Sam Rockwell

Bill Murray

Larry David

Damon Lindelof


Also more Adam Scott, Jon Daly, Nick Kroll and Harris Wittels!!

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Dream guest: Norm MacDonald. I'm sure there are mutual acquaintances, he lives around LA, did WTF/Stern/Dennis Miller, and he's one of my idols.


Another interesting guy is Josh Gardner. He's the man behind 'Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust' and 'Saul of the Molemen'. I've never heard much about him, but he worked with Kimmel and I believe is still around LA. That would be awesome.


As for a pairing of previous guests I'd love to see: Harris Wittels + Marissa Wompler. I think that would be an instant classic. I'd also like a Dov Charney + Marissa Wompler episode...

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