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    CakeBug is an expert on the play, so I'll let him chime in on that side of this. But yea, our rabbit viewing was full of 'what's wrong with this guy?' and at one point I called it Mansplaining: The Musical The relationship absolutely was not equal, but they portrayed it as such, and that's kind of f-ed up. Also I mentioned this on Letterboxd but I found the direction of the film to be sooooooooo basic and uncreative, I couldn't get over it. Just an utter lack of art, like that long shot of just two hands holding or lots of long close-ups. There seemed to be no thought behind any of it.
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    From what I read on wikipedia, the show is a very different production. The other person generally isn't in the song. That was my main beef with the movie. I didn't realize the time lines were in chronological order. I just thought they were from various points in the relationship alternating between happy and sad. Since Anna was present in all his scenes and he was present in all hers, I didn't really pick up they were his or hers instead of his and hers. Had I picked up on this stuff earlier, I might have liked it more. I think I would have appreciated it more on a second viewing. Except the guy was awful and completely responsible for their entire relationship failing. Had they both been at fault or they both just fell out of love or been equals on some level, I'd have like that a lot more.
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    This might be a bit of my love for Jeremy Jordan, but I don't think he was that awful. I think he got caught up in his success for sure, (and obviously shouldn't have cheated, I'm not excusing that) but thought of it as him not knowing if this will ever happen again, being really young and taking all opportunities to capitalize on it. This isn't to say I feel like Anna Kendrick (I cannot remember either of their names) is to blame or he didn't do anything wrong (again, shouldn't have cheated), but I think they were young dreamers when they met. Its fun and easy to be a couple when you're both dreaming but not easy when one person's dreams come true and the other's get further away. In the beginning of his storyline, he mentions that he has a ten year plan to become a successful writer and then later says his first book gets bought with no re-writes. I can see how that would lead him into the ego trip that he get into, as well as how that fractures his relationship. It must be damn near impossible to sustain a relationship where one person is having people fawning over their 'talent' and the other is struggling to get any sort of recognition. I saw this a while ago, and have since watched La La Land for Musical Mondays, and its interesting how those stories parallel. I think that if they showed Anna and Jeremy years later, they'd have a similar dream sequence that Emma and Ryan have - what could have been if they'd been willing to work on their relationship rather than their dream careers. Also Cinco, I'm sorry about your foot, that sounds like a nightmare situation.
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    Yea I think that's the story they wanted it to be, but his patronizing and 'I tried to rescue you' and all that stuff turned it into something else
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    The cast on your leg is the best of the two casts you posted in this post! Heyo!
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    I have had a diabetic ulcer (a big hole) in my foot since mid-July last year. We have tried crutches, a surgical shoe, and a walking boot with padding to offload the pressure. (The ulcer persists because pressure is still being put on the wound.) Today I took the next step: a total contact cast to offload as much pressure as possible and allow the wound to heal. I have to go back once a week so they can cut off the cast, evaluate the wound and put another cast on if needed. I'm encouraged because this cast is specifically designed for my problem. Also I can't use the crutches so now I can walk more normally and have both hands free. I just walk a lot slower and lumber like Frankenstein (Frahnkenshteen)'s monster.
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    Memento meets Blue Valentine! We watched: The Last Five Years! (Pretend I uploaded a poster because my phone is being stupid)
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    Little Italy is mindblowing. Every minute there's something else to scream about. The fact that it's a Canadian Little Italy yet thick New York accents abound. The Indian characters put there just for the cheap jokes. Mr. Puzo buying pizza with "Mario" on his shirt. (Mario Puzo created The Godfather.) "Special appearance by Jane Seymour" and you knew instantly this was gonna be a doozy. The pizza tossing dad who clearly has never tossed pizza dough. The pervy female cop came completely out of nowhere. It seemed like they were going for a Melissa McCarthy-esque thing. It's all too much.
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    Like this? Thank you for opening the thread. I forgot I would be unavailable. I got a cast on my left foot this morning.
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    Is Alimony Tony the first catchphrase-inspired character on the show?
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    A travesty that will probably kill the franchise for good. Struggled to get past the 15 minute mark. I was astonished at how bad it was, especially with the involvement of Shane Black. You can also tell it was hacked to pieces in post production. Catch it when it makes its cable run and marvel at the ineptitude.
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    Looking at this again, I can kinda understand why the actors in it signed up as it's written/directed by Steven Knight, who wrote such things as Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things, Locke, and The Hundred Foot Journey, so there was a definite pedigree at the helm of this thing. Yet all that does not push past that twist which is so out of left field for Knight I have to assume he took acid while on a fever dream and then wrote this script.
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    I went to see based solely on @Elektra Boogaloo's post here and a Slate headline. I purposely went in without googling or knowing anything else about it. If you told me Matthew McConaughey was drunk the entire shoot, I wouldn't be surprised. This one is A Night In Heaven kind of crazy. I so hope the crew covers it!
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    This might be a great double feature with Serenity... all star cast, crazy twist and misleading trailer.
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    I am already mad at this movie. It’s not set in THE Little Italy. It’s a Lake Placid situation. Argh. also I agree Kelly Thompson is great.
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    So I'm gonna be drunk off my ass seeing Little Italy. Paul I blame you personally for my impending hangover. Also would it be weird to order another cassata cake even though it isn't my birthday? I feel like truly celebrating my Italian heritage the best way I know how by shoving sweet sweet liqoure soaked sponge cake filled with a ricotta filling and covered in a heavenly whipped cream frosting . It's the one thing I look forward to all year. To go with the pizza obviously. What's your favorite Italian food everyone?
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    The cool part is that they are paying all the engineers on the episode a more than very fair amount for contributing to the podcast and acting as talent. Im so proud of them for setting that precedent. Hopefully other podcasts take note and stop exploiting these poor saps.
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    This is my number one movie on the list and I enjoyed the episode as usual but I did have an issue . And I do not want to come across as an Amy hater as I have been a fan since the first episode of the Canon and there is just way too much of it floating around, especially in the Facebook group. So Amy, you are awesome! In this episode( and it is definitely due to me loving the story and dialogue of this movie above most any other) I really found it boring when alternative takes were offered of scenes and characters. The whole point is that Gloria has internalized the way that the world(and Gilles) sees her and has treated her(terribly) and that is the basis of the story. "There's nothing tragic about being 50, not unless you try to be 25." And if we point it out that she should be celebrated instead, yes indeed do that absolutely. But the discussion of every scene with Gloria kind of came back to that point with alternative scenarios being offered. That's not really criticism in my book and I was just kind of bored by it. Same with the discussion of the characterization of Gilles. This is a bit unfair, but I just love the "text" of this movie so much that I wish it had been appreciated a bit more in the discussion. We should tear down our idols for sure and examine the wreckage, but there was so much greatness in this movie(especially about the idea of movies and culture) that was largely left un-examined that I was perhaps a bit let down. One of my favorite exchanges of all time: Betty Schaefer : Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Gillis, but I just didn't think it was any good. I found it flat and trite. Joe Gillis : Exactly what kind of material do you recommend? James Joyce? Dostoyevsky? Betty Schaefer : I just think that pictures should say a little something. Joe Gillis : Oh, one of the message kids. Just a story won't do. You'd have turned down Gone With the Wind. Sheldrake : No, that was me. I said, "Who wants to see a Civil War picture?" But these are two people I love hearing talk about movies and will be interested to hear their takes on 2018! Keep up the great work! and Thank you!
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    Since I haven't been able to rewatch Sunset yet, I want to at least back up Amy on What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? because it's great. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis have monumental performances. Alicia Malone is also the best TCM now. She hosted a great series on TCM late last year about early female directors that was really eye opening for me.
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    For the Pro-version-abled: I can't believe the boys mentioned The Big 3 (Windy City Heat)! Best comedy movie ever. I was also addicted to their podcast. Speaking of other podcasts, doughboys fans tried to suck me in and I chewed on the Sarah Silverman episode, but that's all I did. It's funny to hear corny-ass Nick Wiger as something other than the purveyor of the monster fuck. Today I was eyeballing a Teacher's Lounge thread... never done one of those either.
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    i absolutely lost my shit and i will not ever get it back haiku aside, wanna shoutout to da boys for releasing the first ever ep that my gf has wanted to keep listening to. monumental.
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    The only thing this ep is missing is an engineer jingling keys. Almost perfect episode
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    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
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