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    HAHA.. ok, I'm laughing cuz I'm so confused right now. I was gonna come on and say "oh no, caller 'stole' my comment" (and WON!)...or at least, ya know, ALSO knew the same part of the story. Regardless, I was glad that the cricket dying by hammer was brought up in general. BUT THEN, Paul immediately reads my comment, and omits the part where I was referencing the fact he died by hammer in the original story. Which was kinda the whole point of the comment. lol..."REJECTED"...oh man. Not sure if that was selective editing or honest oversight. Just wonder if I can take a small slice of the caller's nothing as I see myself out. Part of my post not read: "...one element of the source material that never got mentioned was that (in the source material) when Pinocchio meets the talking cricket who warns him about being disobedient, Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him." Without that, it makes it sound like I think the cricket is a ghost for ghost sake...I was saying he's a ghost BECAUSE they were alluding to the source material and he got stepped on (rather than being hit by a hammer). ugh, now I just sound like an idiot. [trumpet: wha whaa] Also, glad he played the DDF confrontation that was edited out of the episode. It was a great part of the night.
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    Oh yeah, I have no doubt someone else is pulling from the forums and giving him the pertinent info that he reacts to on the spot. That's just how productions go generally. Maybe I should have use quotes, as in; "Paul" said... Really he's just there to take the blame
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    If my memory is correct, someone else pulls the comments for him to read. I know he's incredibly busy these days so I'm not sure how much he gets on the forums anymore (if you see this Paul - you're always welcome here with open arms). So, I believe that he is truly reacting to things he reads this way because he has no idea that entire things have been omitted. Can't explain how he could forget an entire quote from Spirit of Christmas tho Also found out today that he does receive gifs on his text app so I have in fact been sending him Family gifs throughout the day lol. This is my contribution to the greater good.
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    At least your comment wasn't read verbatim by a caller which has happened a couple times.
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    Loved this episode until the end. How dare Michael Bay II be Electric Boogaloo. I know it's an obvious pun but I don't support his cause and I hope the "you win" doesn't mean we have given in to this terrorist. Also, how dare Paul insult my beloved SPACE JAM after spending an hour talking about F9. Is it a good movie? No, but it makes me happy. F&F isn't good either! Fight me! And I'm not around next week to defend it. I feel like this date was chosen to spite me.
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    That sucks, but it definitely happens. He read one of my posts for that Jackie Chan/John Cusack movie and dismissed it as me not backing up what I was saying, but he neglected to read the second paragraph of my post which was exactly the research he was complaining I didn’t have. More recently, he dismissed my Spirit of Christmas post saying I was just pulling shit out of my ass when I was directly quoting the movie. It’s all in good fun though. If you come here regular (which hopefully you will), you experience all this little fumbles. It’s all good
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    I hope it's OK to post my notes on the remake as I'm doing it anyway. Misery loves company. Spoilers abound but I try to keep them general in scope. 1) The music is entirely forgettable. I really enjoyed the lunchroom song in the original. I couldn't tell you one line from the remake except to say it appeared everyone was well-rehearsed for it. It didn't appear to grow organically like the 1980 film. 1a) The title song is reduced to one singer who doesn't punch "Fame!" when singing. The movie opens with a minor-key version (my term for a lesser-sounding rendition) of just "Remember, remember, remember". The title song appears in the credits. 2) I do have to give credit to the remake for fleshing characters out somewhat. According to Vudu I had rented the Extended Dance edition but the movie I watched was the theatrical length and had none of the extended scenes. (This link is to a comparison of both versions.) Apparently the extended edition adds more back story and character development and the movie is better for it. An e-mail to Vudu is in the works to complain. 3) I did the original a disservice by saying the ending song "I Sing the Body Electric" left out the drama department. Having seen the remake I realize the original also left out the dance department. The remake uses a different song but throws in components of dance, music and vocal singing. The drama department still gets short shrift. <grin> 4) The original's shortcomings of a) letting students slide on academics until shortly before graduation, and b) letting an acting student slide on letting themselves go until shortly before graduation are in the remake. The suicide is also here but is a real potential suicide. The student is rescued at the last minute and breaks down crying in their rescuers' arms. 5) I wish the teachers had more pop. Debbie Allen was the principal. Kelsey Grammer was the music teacher. He tried exhortation to encourage students (in his teacher character's way) but fell flat. Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith on Cheers/Frasier, Kelsey Grammer's wife for a while and, famously, Velma in Chicago) was the dance instructor. Megan Mullaly (I haven't seen her in anything but I know her name) was the vocal teacher. One fun part was Megan taking the students to a karaoke bar as part of their class. She sang a song but in a childlike voice. Maybe that's the way she sings but it seemed out of place to me, especially given the song she sang. Otherwise the teachers were just teachers. Aside from a nod to Chicago being PA's spring performance (I got to meet Bebe Neuwirth once on Broadway after a performance), the teachers did nothing different than the original. You could have had Bebe do an amazing dance, showing what was possible. They did explore Megan's character's background at or after the karaoke bar but that was about it. 6) More characters left school by "succeeeding" than failing. Anyone who left before graduating was shown working in a paying acting job. No one left thinking they would succeed and then failed like the original's hotshot actor who wound up a waiter. 7) Relationships broke up and got together for the flimsiest of reasons. One dancer got successful and dumped their significant other simply on the reason of "I'm busy now so I'll have no time for you. Bye!" I think that's enough. I will try to find some videos to show what I mean.
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    The dude that wrote that book came into my restaurant one night and proceeded to drink enough wine where he ended up passing out at his table for multiple hours. So he absolutely lived up to Giamatti's portrayal of him in that movie.
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    I've been following HTDGM from the first few episodes, for years and years and years. How? By downloading the mp3's. Now, literally the only way you can listen to podcasts on Earwolf is to subscribe to a feed so it automatically downloads whatever it wants to, with no control. You cannot manually download anything with Omny. I do not understand why whatever portion of the fanbase that listens as I do has gotten a big middle finger, but hey. What can you do. Not allowed, and the operators don't seem to care at all. I guess whatever deal they cut is more important than some of the fans. Oh well, nice ride while it lasted, I guess. Five bucks for stitcher, holding the majority of the episodes hostage? I'll give my money to the We Hate Movies guys through their patreon, and I'd advise anyone else who has been increasingly dissatisfied with the directions Earwolf has been going to do the same. 300+ episodes, for free, that you can download. Support the people who care about the fans.
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    Oh shit! I didn’t realize I (co) won the C&O this week. Uh...I take back everything I said above. Paul’s decisions are flawless. But, seriously, guys. “Lotty?” I’m not even that big of a Fast and Furious fan and I know that’s wrong—lol.
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    I believe Paul has said someone pulls the comments and he then whittles it down further. I assume whoever reads the boards is different from whoever pulls the phone calls but I don't think he's said. I feel very sorry for whoever screens the calls because we've heard some unbelievable calls. I can't imagine what doesn't make air.
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    OMG! I don’t mean to dwell on it, but he literally read in the episode my words “The brother says ‘blah, blah, blah’” and then he turns it around and says, “I don’t even get where you’re getting this, Cameron? This is wrong what you’re saying.” I mean, I wasn’t advocating the philosophy of a dumb movie. I was just providing the in-universe answer to a question they had ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I happened to be listening to the episode with my wife which also kind of sucked. BTW, Paul is on her shit list
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    Totally Camera. I don't post much, but have followed each episode for a long time and check the boards. Have definitely seen it happen before and have experience in the industry enough to know that edits happen in all sorts of ways. I was just shocked cuz after hearing the caller, I'm like "oh, that was my thought, guess he's not going to read mine", only to have it immediately read incorrectly..haha. Seriously still laughing about it. Just having a bit of fun of my own.
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    Here's a music video of the title song. Notice how "Fame" is always in the background.
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    hey PAUL> Bob Baker Marionette Theater MOVED TO HIGHLAND PARK. it DIDN't CLOSE!!!!!! HOW. DARE. YOU. HOW. DARE> YOUU February calendar also - Angelinos if you somehow HAVEN't gone to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater ----- GOOOOOOOOOOOOO it. is. AMAZING
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    I can't remember whether it was on an episode or her social media but, when listeners raised this issue a few years ago, June released a statement that essentially said "I am honored that you all care and are speaking up on my behalf but everything's fine!" June has only grown in her power since then, and definitely knows how to shut people down with devastating precision when necessary. I get the feeling that tight editing and the lack of body language sometimes make the live shows seem more frenetic than they really are.
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    Here's a list of the full "Spoolies" nominations and results, voted on by the Unspooled listeners. Winners in bold and runners-up in italics. (Many of these categories had more than 5 nominees because of ties during the nomination phase.) FOR BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: THE FAREWELL - Lulu Wang KNIVES OUT - Rian Johnson MARRIAGE STORY - Noah Baumbach ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Quentin Tarantino PARASITE - Bong Joon-ho & Han Jin-won UNCUT GEMS - Ronald Bronstein, Bennie Safdie, Josh Safdie FOR BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: HUSTLERS - Lorene Scafaria (based on the magazine article "The Hustlers at Scores" by Jessica Pressler) THE IRISHMAN - Steven Zaillian (based on "I Heard You Paint Houses" by Charles Brandt) JOJO RABBIT - Taika Waititi (based on "Caging Skies" by Christine Leunens) JOKER - Todd Phillips & Scott Silver (based on DC Comics characters created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson) LITTLE WOMEN - Greta Gerwig (based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott) FOR BEST YOUTH PERFORMER: Kaitlyn Dever - BOOKSMART Jacob Tremblay - GOOD BOYS Noah Jupe - HONEY BOY Roman Griffin Davis - JOJO RABBIT Thomasin McKenzie - JOJO RABBIT Archie Yates - JOJO RABBIT Julia Butters - ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Shahadi Wright Joseph - US FOR BEST VOICEOVER PERFORMANCE: Jonathan Groff - FROZEN 2 Billy Eichner - THE LION KING Tony Hale - TOY STORY 4 Tom Hanks - TOY STORY 4 Annie Potts - TOY STORY 4 Keanu Reeves - TOY STORY 4 FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: 1917 - Dennis Gassner KNIVES OUT - David Crank LITTLE WOMEN - Jess Gonchor ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Barbara Ling PARASITE - Lee Ha-jun FOR BEST COSTUME DESIGN: DOLEMITE IS MY NAME - Ruth E. Carter HUSTLERS - Mitchell Travers LITTLE WOMEN - Jacqueline Durran ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Arianne Phillips ROCKETMAN - Julian Day FOR BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: 1917 - Thomas Newman LITTLE WOMEN - Alexandre Desplat MARRIAGE STORY - Randy Newman STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - John Williams UNCUT GEMS - Daniel Lopatin US - Michael Abels FOR BEST ORIGINAL SONG: "Into the Unknown" Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez - FROZEN 2 "Show Yourself" Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez - FROZEN 2 "Catchy Song" Jon Lajoie - THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" Elton John, Bernie Taupin - ROCKETMAN "Glasgow (No Place Like Home)" Mary Steenburgen, Caitlyn Smith, Kate York - WILD ROSE FOR BEST SOUND MIXING: 1917 AVENGERS: ENDGAME FORD V. FERRARI THE LIGHTHOUSE ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD UNCUT GEMS FOR BEST SOUND EDITING: AD ASTRA AVENGERS: ENDGAME FORD V. FERRARI THE LIGHTHOUSE PARASITE UNCUT GEMS FOR BEST MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING: 1917 BOMBSHELL DOLEMITE IS MY NAME JUDY LITTLE WOMEN ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD US FOR BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: 1917 AVENGERS: ENDGAME THE IRISHMAN JOJO RABBIT THE LION KING PARASITE STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER FOR BEST STUNT COORDINATION: 1917 AVENGERS: ENDGAME FORD V. FERRARI FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD US FOR BEST ENSEMBLE CAST: AVENGERS: ENDGAME THE FAREWELL THE IRISHMAN KNIVES OUT LITTLE WOMEN ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD PARASITE FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: 1917 - Roger Deakins A HIDDEN LIFE - Jörg Widmer THE LIGHTHOUSE - Jarin Blaschke LITTLE WOMEN - Yorick Le Saux ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Robert Richardson PARASITE - Hong Kyung-pyo FOR BEST FILM EDITING: 1917 - Lee Smith KNIVES OUT - Bob Ducsay LITTLE WOMEN - Nick Houy PARASITE - Yang Jin-mo UNCUT GEMS - Ronald Bronstein & Bennie Safdie FOR BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM: FROZEN 2 - Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee I LOST MY BODY - Jérémy Clapin KLAUS - Sergio Pablos & Carlos Martínez López MISSING LINK - Chris Butler TOY STORY 4 - Josh Cooley FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM: AMAZING GRACE - Alan Elliott & Sydney Pollack AMERICAN FACTORY - Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert APOLLO 11 - Todd Douglas Miller FOR SAMA - Waad Al-Kateab & Edward Watts KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE - Rachel Lears FOR BEST FEATURE IN A NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE: MONOS (Colombia) - Alejandro Landes PAIN & GLORY (Spain) - Pedro Almodóvar PARASITE (South Korea) - Bong Joon-ho PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (France) - Céline Sciamma TRANSIT (Germany) - Christian Petzold FOR BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM: ATLANTICS - Mati Diop BOOKSMART - Olivia Wilde (tie) THE FAREWELL - Lulu Wang (tie) THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO - Joe Talbot QUEEN & SLIM - Melina Matsoukas (And yes, it's true that The Farewell is not really Lulu Wang's first feature, but it got so many votes that it was allowed in anyway.) FOR BEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Tom Hanks - A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Al Pacino - THE IRISHMAN Joe Pesci - THE IRISHMAN Sam Rockwell - JOJO RABBIT Taika Waititi - JOJO RABBIT Willem Dafoe - THE LIGHTHOUSE Brad Pitt - ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Song Kang-ho - PARASITE FOR BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Zhao Shuzhen - THE FAREWELL Jennifer Lopez - HUSTLERS Scarlett Johansson - JOJO RABBIT Florence Pugh - LITTLE WOMEN Laura Dern - MARRIAGE STORY FOR BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE: Joaquin Phoenix - JOKER Adam Driver - MARRIAGE STORY Antonio Banderas - PAIN & GLORY Taron Edgerton - ROCKETMAN Adam Sandler - UNCUT GEMS FOR BEST ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE: Awkwafina - THE FAREWELL Elisabeth Moss - HER SMELL Renee Zellweger - JUDY Saorise Ronan - LITTLE WOMEN Scarlett Johansson - MARRIAGE STORY Florence Pugh - MIDSOMMAR Lupita Nyong'o - US FOR BEST DIRECTOR: Sam Mendes - 1917 Lorene Scafaria - HUSTLERS Rian Johnson - KNIVES OUT Greta Gerwig - LITTLE WOMEN Bong Joon-ho - PARASITE Quentin Tarantino - ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Bennie & Josh Safdie - UNCUT GEMS Jordan Peele - US FOR BEST MOTION PICTURE: THE FAREWELL JOJO RABBIT KNIVES OUT LITTLE WOMEN MARRIAGE STORY ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD PARASITE
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