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    Oh yeah the more they kept talking about how perfect St. Louis was the more I thought "yeah because you're rich and white..."
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    ^^^^ this is fantastic CMB. I got flushed a while back and have been taking my time rebuilding my bowl. You will hear more from me again soon.
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    Cam Bert's question had me actually curious as to when St. Louis got bad. It's certainly been known as, if not the murder capital of the US, it's always near the top (and crime of other types is usually pretty high up there as well). So, when did that start? According towikipedia, maybe around the time this movie takes place. Obviously newspaper reporting 100+ years ago may not be reliable but it looks like murder rates went way up at the turn of the century. Maybe murder was under reported prior to 1900 though. Obviously, being wealthy white people and written from the perspective of Tootie where a child may not realize how crime ridden their city is may make St. Louis seem less dangerous than it is. But it's possible it was genuinely better at this time than shortly after that. Take, for example, Gary, Indiana. In the Music Man, it's written about favorably. Of course, is a song from a con man and not reliable. But Gary used to be an okay place to live. At least good enough you could convince people being from the is fine. You couldn't write a song about Gary at anytime after the 90s to fool anyone. So, maybe 1903 was the last time you could ever write a movie about how great St. Louis is.
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    St Louis is about a 10 hr drive from where I live, in the middle of Missouri, which is near the middle of the United States. I've visited a few times over the years but always as a tourist, so I can't really say when things went "south" but Missouri has always been a...unique state. I could get into some of the history, but it's historically been a state pretty rife with racial tensions.
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    As a non-American my knowledge of St. Louis is very limited. I was not even sure where it is really. The main thing I know about it is that outside of the arch it's not so nice and has a high murder rate. So at the end of the film when they have the "The sun will never set on St.Louis" type ending it made me laugh a little. We already found out that the fair stuff didn't stick around so when did things for St. Louis really start heading south?
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    Oh well then yea, I still think that's weird
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    I hesitate to bring this up but it's bothering me. Esther and Tootie do a cakewalk during the party. The lyrics are questionable but the dance itself doesn't appear to be kosher (at least for white people to be doing). I thought sure we had a previous pick where a cakewalk was done or mentioned. Does anyone remember that? Here's the Wikipedia entry on cakewalks. And in modern times... Thoughts?
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    I searched the forum and found it. Musical Mondays Google Spreadsheet
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    "Meet Me in Ferguson" just doesn't roll off the tongue the same way "Meet Me in St. Louis" does.
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    I genuinely think it has a lot to do with the fact that in St. Louis they are part of the upper class, but in NYC they would be forced to live among others in a tenement and good gracious that is just unacceptable!
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    I think there's plenty of movies/literature/stories that are like "oh woe is me, we have to move to the scary big city," but usually it's from the point-of-view of someone who lives in the countryside. It did feel a little weird to hear it from a family that lives in another big city. But maybe St. Louis back then was still "frontier" or something, I dunno.
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    I find pretty much all male stripping to be unsexy. Sorry, Channing Tatum.
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    The Boys talk to CEDRIC YARBROUGH about his career and try to do a show with him.
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    My comment was more towards Cam's comment of how he responded to them talking about how great the city is. I have no actual knowledge about any of the actual statistics but considering recent events it sheds a light on how White this movie is and how that obviously skews the vision of the city.
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    If Lon had already gone to Princeton for a while surely he had taken a trip or two into New York City? He could tell them what it was really like and maybe research places to live so they wouldn't be in a tenement.
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    I meant to look up and see if there was a stage version of the show. It seems tailor made for it, pretty static set, classic songs, recognizable title, lots of roles for women. I can't imagine it being very good though as there really is no conflict. At least with Little Women we have the backdrop of a family struggling during the Civil War and some death.
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    Typically unless the first Friday is very early in the month (like the 1st or something) or sometimes if its a holiday weekend maybe.
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    I'm new to Musical Monday's (and I seem to keep missing them though I love reading everyone's thoughts) do we have a list of all the movies that have been seen so far so no one suggests one a second time? It's not TECHNICALLY a musical but with the version coming out I'd like to recommend Judy Garland's A Star Is Born. Or even Barbra Streisand's because that one is supposed to bonkers.
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    Aye, it was a really really good and presumably Kancelled Kevin's final ep
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    "I've been eating a lot of spicy food and screaming..." THAT I can relate to! terrific ep!
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    Kevin's story just may have justified his presence existence
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    A night in heaven is just so unsexy...cringeworthy dancing.
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    the Vimeo link for A Night in Heaven isn't up yet (as far as I can tell) but a 240p res version is on youtube. Haven't watched it all the way through, but it seems to be complete. I've replaced the link with a DVD resolution version. enjoy.
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    Jason requests stats on the effectiveness of diaphragms. Planned Parenthood says they are about 88% effective. But what I am curious about now is why the diaphragm has Kirstie Alley's voice. It is not a part of her or from her. The egg should have her voice. The diaphragm should be, like, Dr. Ruth or someone.
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