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    I love this one series of communist ones that are of Russia and China. It looks like a delightful story of two comrades falling in love and raising children together. Look! They love to read together! They have a garden! A family portrait! ( with terrifying children. )
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    But even old work, if paid for, gives money to said abusers. Many artists get royalties or residuals based off of if something airs on television or gets purchased off of iTunes. So this is really a personal decision for everyone, but don't think that just because you're not purchasing something new that you're not still putting money in their pockets.
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    Omg guess what, I saw Oklahoma and Rebecca Naomi Jones from Passing Strange was in it
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    If anyone is interested, Jason appeared on the latest episode/podcast of Off Camera with Sam Jones. It's a really great interview, as both men speak openly and intelligently about art and performing. https://offcamera.com/
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    No, you are not the only one. Penn's temper and abuse of his wife and photographers doesn't seem to have ever had public negative impact to his career. Ironic that he played a soulful photographer in the last thing I liked him in (Ben Stiller's remake of Walter Mitty). We really put up with a lot of bullshit from self-absorbed method actors back then, telling ourselves they were passionate. I think in Penn's case, he's just a dick.
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    I'm guessing that given the slogan on the poster ("Mercy for the Brave Boys") it's a World War 1 era poster entreating women to lend support to the war effort as nurses and caregivers. The uniform and colour scheme is reminiscent of British posters from the time. And since much of fantasy literature and gaming was inspired by World War 1 and 2, it's still relevant to Zelda.
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    I'm find with that. I really loved Passing Strange we did not so long ago and that was a filmed Broadway show. Only thing I will add is I might (I'll speak for all non-US people) have a hard time getting some of them. If it's on YouTube or Vimeo or something like that, but streaming here isn't always the same.
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    Also would you guys be ok with maybe watching full on Broadway shows? I know some of them have done cast recordings because I've seen a few on PBS. If I can find ones like that that are short maybe we can enjoy the theater and feel cultured!
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    I have actually seen this!! It's been years because I rented it from Blockbuster
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    I have to admit I'm not gonna be able to participate in this discussion next week either but that's because on Saturday I'm jetting off to London for a photography adventure!
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    I think using Picasso as an example is probably not the most fair considering yeah we're never going to afford a real Picasso painting and he's dead. Like I said though it's a personal choice. We just did Chinatown on Unspooled a few weeks back and while I know the woman has made a statement about not wanting to be used as a martyr for people to boycott Polanski, I can never erase that from my mind and I refuse to participate in giving him any money, especially as a survivor of assault myself. It's a conversation I think people have had over and over and while I still think it's a personal decision I also think it just so easily gets tossed aside with a separation of art and artist thing, but sooo many times we see the artist put their abuse into their art (looking at you Woody Allen making Manhattan) and I live paycheck to paycheck and work way too fucking hard for how little I make to just turn around and put more money into the pockets of these billionaire abusers. ETA: This comes off super judgey and I apologize, cause I truly couldn't care less what people choose to do, but I think if we're having the conversation and we're all saying where we personally are drawing these lines then it needs to be really talked about.
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    Agreed. However I also agree that sometimes you can separate the work from the artist it's just where you personally say this is something I cannot forgive. It's very tricky. I love Picasso but abhor Picasso. However he's dead and I'm never going to be in a position to own a piece of his work.
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    I understand not wanting to support new work from these people, but for old stuff I've decided that I'm fine with watching it. If I had to cut out all old artwork from potentially abusive people I would be missing out on a lot.
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    I know this isn't the point, but I LOVE Practical Magic.
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    If they were glow in the dark like he said theres a good chance they are radioactive. It would have used Radioluminescent paint or some kind of radium laced dye? If it was phosphorescent paint the glow wouldn't last very long. Right? I don't know anything about science but I know this was around the time of the Radium Girls suing their bosses for compensation because of their health issues.
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    Am I the only one who was uncomfortable watching this given the abuse allegations against Sean Penn and how he supposedly beat Madonna? I've been trying really hard make an effort not to buy media that has abusive/predatory people (men or women) in them this year and I only watched it because it was free on YouTube. So maybe I'm the only one who will have an issue with it because I'm trying to be more conscientious about who I support with my money but I wanted to ask if I was alone in feeling a bit uncomfortable.
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    Oh my god have so much fun !!! As a giant nerd London is the Dream. I hope that you get to live out whatever your most likely much cooler fantasy is in your time off! ( trying to get a signed copy of any book by Lucy Worsley the head curator of the Historic Palaces while at Hampton Court if you must know is mine). Take some pictures for us if you can! Also I am so in love with the Clash and now am just listening to them on a loop so thanks for that! ... Ironically I might currently be wearing my Death or Glory shirt
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    I would really like that! I think maybe a non musical theme per month or something would be neat. I know and there are some iconic movie soundtracks that go with non musical movies. I think @taylorannephoto mentioned that when we talked about it in a mini episode. So I would really like to explore that too . How music plays a part in film. In this week's episode of I Hate It But I Love It (another great podcast) they talked about Practical Magic which is a personal favorite. They mentioned something I had never noticed until then but the music choices are either full on literal with Faith Hill's This Kiss playing when Sally kisses her soon to be husband or just off for the scene like in the exorcism where they thought it should have been more dramatic and scary. I would never have noticed because I've been watching it since I was a kid and I fully admit I have rose colored glasses when it comes to this film but they brought up great points! So that's something I wonder about other movies. LIke I know that Home Alone had an AMAZING score and just... The music adds depth to they film you know? So now I wonder if bad movie music is a new trope to look for (Usually if I hear that sexy 80's jazz sax I worry) or if good music means that your in good hands?
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    Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae. Now watch me whip, now watch me save 15% or more on my car insurance.
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    I want “Turn off the birds” to be a t shirt.
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    whoa. oderus urungus / gwar sync from my weird letter to kevin. and some other sync i can’t remember.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_knuckleball_pitchers There were two knuckleball pitchers active in the majors in 1938. The David Bowie song 'China Girl' came out three years before this movie. I don't think that anyone would have even batted an eye at that name. I assumed that it was a nickname that Belloq gave his favorite concubine.
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    Dude, Paul...Katherine Hepburn...not Lauren Bacall. C'mon, man.
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    I’m a lurker, I’m a twerker, I’m a midnight jerker.
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