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    That's funny ... I recognized that they were in a new house and thought it odd that Whitney Cummings just casually came by for breakfast since she didn't live in the same town. I suppose the implication is, indeed, they moved to SF. Which is fine ... if the brewery is off the ground, he doesn't need to be on site, but what is it with this movie and telecommuting? This film seems to either hate or misunderstand just about everything tech-related.
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    I will just add that both this show and Fateful Findings were AWESOME! Good work to Paul, Jason and June and everyone else involved for delivering kick-ass shows. Hopefully they will both be aired, but if not, I got some great memories from them.
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    I hope the second Seattle show of HDTGM has sold out because it deserves to be. Last I heard, they were still trying to sell tickets. I just watched The Visitor (which is the film they will be covering) and loved it (it’s available for free on Hoopla). Here’s what I said about it on HDTGM’s Twitter feed: I am going to this show and just watched The Visitor. It is fucking insane!!! Come for Shelley Winters singing racist songs, stay for a bonkers sci-fi take on The Omen(?) RECOMMENDED!!!!!! Oh, and John Huston, Sam Peckinpah and Lance Henriksen are all a part of this mix as well! That’s my attempt at free PR. I’m taking the day off from work on Monday so I can be a part of this cultural event. You should too!
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    I have a math learning disability and in middle school a kid came back to school after finally being rehabilitated enough from an awful atv accident and was in my special math class. He had to relearn how to do everything.
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    Finally caught up this far in the thread. Yeah, speaking as a serious head trauma survivor, he's going to have some serious problems in the short term that Julia will have to help take care of. In the long term he's probably at least going to have some low-level memory problems for the rest of his life, and that's if he's very lucky. And like I said, his eyewitness testimony is pretty much the only thing keeping Julia out of jail (see The_Triple_Lindy's post), but he magically remembers everything from 10 minutes before his injury, which I can't say that I could do. But with all the plot holes and bad writing in this movie (I may have to make an entire separate post on the terrible police work), I can't expect them to know anything about the medical realities of brain injuries. this particular type of sloppy writing is sadly so common that it has two TV Tropes pages: Tap on the Head and Hard Head. Interesting side note: There's about a 1 in 3 chance that I was listening to an archived HDTGM episode at the time of my accident. If that's the case, somehow figuring out which one it was would help me reconstruct what happened, because finding details has helped me remember other things that were happening around the same time.
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    I was thinking the EXACT same thing. There shouldve been an emergency episode for this. This perfect for a HDTGM episode. Maybe they will wait and do it LIVE on the next tour. It is already on Amazon.
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    As someone who enjoys craft beer (but would never quit my cushy job to start my own brewery) I researched the name Copper Mountain Brewery and it turns out such a company exists out of Indiana. Here is a picture of one of their beers. I’m not sure how they could use the same name unless “Copper Mountain Brewing” is considered different from “Copper Mountain Brewery”. Using Copper Mountain as the name of his brewery is also a bit odd as the Copper Mountains are in Colorado not California. Most craft breweries tend to choose a name that is somehow associated with the area where they are making the beer. The only association I could find between Copper Mountain and California was a community college called Copper Mountain College near Joshua Tree. Maybe that’s where Tessa got her degree that will allow her to get a job.
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    I still think it’s bonkers that Julia works in publishing - digital publishing no less - and has zero online presence. Not even a work Facebook account or Twitter...
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    Any cop in 2017 that hasn't heard of identity theft needs to turn in their badge and gun. Especially the gun. But, I'm pretty sure the cops can show David the evidence against Julia. If they thought showing him might convince him to give up some crucial info on her, they'd do it.
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    Right up top, whether or not Julia and Copperhead Brew had sex in a coat room or a bathroom, homeboy was definitely headed toward the bathroom, presumably to use it. Maybe I’m alone in this, but if I’m getting up to use the restroom, that’s going to be a big “no, thank you” from me regarding spontaneous dinner party sex. Anyway, I get why it was maybe more interesting to intercut the sexting scene with the bathroom sex scene, but it also presents a super convenient clue that would have helped clear Julia had the police bothered to do - like Castle - a modicum of police work. Had they looked at the time stamps of the conversation, they could have asked any of the ten other people Julia was busy schmoozing with at the time if she seemed unusually preoccupied with her phone during the course of a moderately fancy business dinner. And even if someone was like, “Well, she did disappear for a few minutes” I’m sure Copperhead Brew could have corroborated her whereabouts. Sure, it might be embarrassing, but Julia has a really strong alibi for what she was doing at that specific time. Not only that, it’s not like identity theft is completely unheard of or that Tessa doesn’t have any motivation. A detective worth his salt would have at least listened to her side of the story. I feel like everyone in the movie was way too quick to dismiss Julia right out of hand.
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    It looks like the whole thing was shut down last year. I found this old article about it on Mic that was interesting from a legal perspective. It sounds like by submitting your fanfiction work Amazon Publishing and the OG licence holder own your original characters and story ideas and can use them how they want without you getting paid or credit. So potentially you could see the story in like an anthology series or it could become a plot in whatever show or book you were writing about. Honestly from the sounds of it it seems like doing a 50 Shades of Grey or Mortal Instruments would be the best way to keep your story intact and yours. Also the idea of buying fan fiction seems like a really silly business idea. Archive of Our Own is full of fantastic work. I'm not saying they shouldn't be compensated for their time or that their work doesn't deserve but paid for because it's lesser than original fiction, I love fan works, but I think part of the joy of fan works are that they are done simply because someone loved a property. It feels strange to me to have someone sell that work as is. It's the idea that you can take a community ( because I have yet to find fan works without being in some kind of community no matter how small. Actually usually the smaller the more dedicated) and put a price tag on it. I find fan works to be very much community based. Often something is written for someone, or drawn as part of a round up, a group's monthly theme challenge, or an exchange. I just don't know if selling fan fiction flat out is a great plan.( obviously with them shutting down it didn't work) . I have no problem with Patreons, Ko-Fi tip jars etc as a way to monetarily compensate someone but I don't know maybe I'm old? Also now I wonder if there's HDTGM fanfic but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to look. https://www.mic.com/articles/43885/kindle-worlds-amazon-to-sell-fanfiction-but-should-fanfic-writers-participate
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    I believe (I could be wrong) Amazon Worlds has been shut down. From what I understand, it was some fan fiction, but it was also books just based on different “themes” or “worlds.” It was a way for indie authors to get their work in front of eyes that might better appreciate their genre. So, for example, if you were into Dinosaur porn books, you could have your book included in the dinosaur porn “world” for people to easily find. This was, for awhile, a pretty good way for indie authors to get noticed and make a decent living. Ultimately, its downfall was that each “world” had a head author whose responsibility was to curate the work being uploaded. Essentially, they acted as the EiC and it was their job to either approve or reject incoming submissions. The catch was, for each book uploaded to their world, the head author would receive something like fifty dollars - whether that book was profitable or not. Unfortunately, as you might suspect, this lead to a lot of abuse when many of these (not all) head of world figures would accept a ton of books without regard to quality. (i.e. Lots of dinosaur porn books, just not *good* dinosaur porn books) This created a situation where no one was really making money except these heads of world, so Amazon shut it down. To my knowledge, some of these worlds do still exist except now the *author* pays the head of the world instead of Amazon - which is in itself pretty shady.
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    Steve Mnuchin’s role is particularly interesting since it was CLEAR to me as someone who work in costumes and wardrobe that every aspect of Katherine Heigl’s costuming, makeup, and hair is supposed to look like Ivanka Trump. There is no way this wasn’t intentional.
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    Mad Max: Fury Road is a particularly good one because it's about how people like Steve Mnuchin go on to literally destroy the world.
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    I dunno if i'm allowed to post it here? it's not mine to share. plus, this forum only accepts images that are smaller than a postage stamp and use less than one color. if you're a member of the super-secret scoop troop facebook group it might be on there... (also great ep! ... also also, did you hear hayes quip about 2015/16 was when he stopped reading the forums? you have to read between the lines, he said, "oh yeah, that's when I stopped...")
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    Pro version funny too. They really “knocked it out of the park” this week
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    Here’s a tip. Don’t dig too deep or you’ll hit lava... mamma. Great job dalton. Love the new hair style.
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    I just noticed Disturbing Behavior on the list - is that the one with Katie Holmes as a goth girl who goes around saying "razor" as a synonym for "cool"? And Barry Watson I think? That would make a decent podcast episode.
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    I can't believe I just learned today that Steve Mnuchin was a film producer!!! AND that he's worked on MANY big films! I'm at a loss for words... Executive Producer of the following films: 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, The House, Annabelle: Creation, Wonder Woman, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Unforgettable, Going in Style, CHIPS, Fist Fight, The Lego Batman Movie, Collateral Beauty, Rules Don't Apply (he also appears in this one!), The Accountant, The Midnight Man, Storks, Sully, Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan, Central Intelligence, Lights Out, The Conjuring 2, Keanu, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Midnight Special, How to Be Single, In the Heart of the Sea, Pan, The Intern, Our Brand Is Crisis, Black Mass, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Vacation, Entourage, Mad Max: Fury Road, Get Hard, Run All Night, American Sniper, Inherent Vice, Annabelle, This Is Where I Leave You, Edge of Tomorrow, Blended, Winter's Tale, The Lego Movie!
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