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    Well the fit is awful for starters. It looks like a costume out of a bag. At least Sister's (I absolutely did not learn anyone's name. They are Angry Matthew Crowley, Sad Dad, Xanax mom, Brother, and Sister to me) looked lie somewhat real clothing not something from Spirit Halloween. Or if it was a costume a better grade version you know? It literally still looks wrinkled from the bag.
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    I thought this movie was pretty great. Darkly funny in the right spots and Dan Stevens was perfect for the role. Liked that they didn't hold back once he finally went on his rampage. Also that final shot made me bust up!
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    Yes, I believe that is an American custom. Once a child is able to grasp an object, you are obligated to give them an age-appropriate pointy thing if you are a guest in said household.
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    Its dumb but I really liked the sister's diner outfit. I know that's weird but no diners near me have cute uniforms ( that probably itch and are awful but let me have the fantasy!) And frankly after years of tv and film telling me they would I feel a bit sad. I liked the color combo! Very peppy. Also sidenote on the topic if costumes no woman I know sleeps in underwear and thigh highs. That's... Not a thing. Sure sleep in underwear I guess but unless those are the socks you wore that day and you were exhausted and just passed out I don't know anyone who's rocking bedtime thigh highs. I myself now have a good sized collection of very cute (very pricey) pj sets. Because pandemic. Can I go outside? No but I cam wear shorts with beach dogs
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    Amy & Paul burst out of 1982’s Antarctic John Carpenter sci-fi feature The Thing! They learn how the incredible special effects were literally dreamt up, praise Wilford Brimley’s everyman appeal, and ask what relevance this story of paranoia and mistrust has in modern-day life. Plus: An excerpt from The Thing: The Musical. This is the final episode of our “Unghouled” horror miniseries; next week we kick off a series on “effed up families” with Raising Arizona! Learn more about the show at unspooledpod.com follow us on Twitter @unspooled and Instagram @unspooledpod, and don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify. You can also apply to be a guest on our upcoming game show Screen Test at unspooledpod@gmail.com! Photo credit: Kim Troxall
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    Maybe it's just me, but from what I can see, wrinkled uniforms = cute
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    A schlong time ago, in a galaxy fart, fart away...
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    Lily James in Baby Driver had a uniform but I wouldn't call it cute. Maybe uniforms are making a comeback? If so they're going in the wrong direction.
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    I was going to make a very un-PC joke but managed to stop myself. YOU'RE WELCOME.
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    Is that not the traditional "Thank you for letting me stay in your home " gift? All the family's children get knives?
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    I especially want it if it’s a holiday movie and St. Clair is joining them
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    Clearly this movie needs to be covered on its own merits, its either the perfect time to do it to remember Sean Connery or its in terrible taste so it should be delayed, I have no idea which one is correct. I do think this is the type of movie that would be great for a live show with an audience, so maybe they are waiting for that. It would be a good one to do as another live virtual show, plenty of WTF moments to talk about, plenty of wild clips to show, easy to talk about for a couple hours. It is available on Amazon Prime right now, so I recommend you watch it if you haven't seen it
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    Definitely! I missed the first one. And hopefully they extend the watch time after
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    Well thank you, all and Paul. I did not expect to win because I contributed nothing to the discussion. But I also win nothing so that’s fair. I just listened to this after my one year post surgery cancer check up. So I did tear up which is possibly not related to my winning nothing but more because I also just got a call that all the tests and blood work came back normal. Yay me.
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    The Terminator (a perfect movie, unlike the sequel) has a hopeful ending. Alien 3 is considerably more nihilistic. And Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is even more miserable than that.
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