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    Programming note: Earwolf is migrating its files to a new hosting service and, as a result, every HDTGM episode is currently available for download. If you want to save them before they once again disappear behind the paywall, now would be a good time. You can plug the new feed URL into an RSS reader or see this set of direct links to every mainline (i.e. non-minisode/rerelease/bonus) episode:
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    I read that Jacob's first take of that scene was so unsettling that Rebecca Ferguson stumbled over her lines because she was so upset. If that kid doesn't win an Oscar before he is 15 then there is some bull shit afoot lol.
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    Double Dragon is available to stream on Tubi. It also streams through my heart 24/7.
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    I agree, I think her primary motivation for the climax came out of grief, rage and ego (yes, Abra is powerful, but I think Rose can’t accept that a girl can get the better of her.). I bought it. Since Rose has known some of these people for centuries, I can see why she’d be irrationally pissed. I dunno, I think there are far more questionable/stupid motivations for characters in horror movies in general—just see the recent Pet Sematary remake (which I enjoyed in a so dumb-it’s-fun way). i didn’t even realize that was Jacob Tremblay. He was great. That was a rivetingly awful scene. More spoilers (since we’ve already covered a few)..., Did anyone else find the scene where Abra ignores the bathtub ghost bad-ass (aka the final scene) ? Also, I want to celebrate this film for having a black psychic young woman who survives and is the hero, rather than being anticlimactically murdered like (the terrific) Scatman Crothers.
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    The Jacob Tremblay scene was my absolute favorite (or I guess least favorite) because of how unsettling it was. It was the only scene to really get to me. I also really liked the scene where Abra's mother called her. A lot of movies would just leave that thread open because it's about a tertiary character. But just imagining everything from the mother's perspective was horrifying and hilarious.
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    Double Dragon is your next movie.
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    I'll ground pound this round mound while the clown frowns.
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    Excuse me sir, but masturbating into our fry sauce is an ‘at home activity.’ This is a school cafeteria.
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    Well, staple my nuts and call me a fucking chode! I haven’t seen Jim since we rubbed peanut butter all over our dick holes in ‘97!
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    Eating my own shit is not a phase, MOM!
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    You know that was just a "finally let's just give him this award" more than anything else. The performance he should have won for was Django Unchained because he was legit terrifying in that movie.
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    I just wanted to say how proud I am of June for getting arrested today at the weekly climate change protest. I'm miffed that all the articles about it talk about Robert Kennedy Jr. Like we care about him when Actress/Activist June Diane Raphael is in the mix! I feel like that should be the next teepublic shirt.
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    Well, I absolutely loved it and did not expect to. Though because of the pure number of minutes to cover, I did have to split my viewing over two nights, it didn't "feel" like a long movie and I was engaged with all of the character stories throughout. I really liked how it lacked heroes and villains and gave focus to the wives and daughters along with the soldiers themselves. The typical Hollywood love triangle has a refreshing feel when people aren't sneaking around lying to each other and mostly just come out and say how they feel. I would also disagree about the filmmaking. It's not flashy, but there are a number of interesting compositions using deep focus, where there is action in the foreground but your eye can drift to something in the background (like the scene where Homer is playing the piano with his hooks, but Fred is in the back breaking up with Peggy). Oh, who's the cinematographer? Gregg Toland, natch. Anyway, it's interesting that most of the criticism at the time was for this film being too communist-sympathizing. I note that most of the movies from the 1940s on this list carry similar slants: It's a Wonderful Life, The Grapes of Wrath, even Citizen Kane in parts . . . all take a pretty dim view of capitalism and private enterprise and in most cases call for a collectivist solution to those problems. You can really see that's where the country's mood was after the Great Depression and WW2 (and perhaps we're returning there again?).
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    The weather outside is frightful but your conflation of seventeenth-century pre-Hegelian existentialism and the Stuttgart Market Revolt of 1677 is quite insightful.
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    This film is far better than I thought it might be. I did not expect the wonderfully nuanced performances from everyone and, of course, Harold Russell. I also did not expect the script to lead us into the areas of PTSD, and the plight of Vets returning home from war as they deal with joblessness, familial conflict, the looming red scare, potential nuclear annihilation and interestingly, the very notion that our government wasn’t forced into WW2. It’s downright subversive! But for a movie that was helmed and staffed by so many of our Service Members returning from war, there seems to be an incongruity that is really obvious to me and I’m hoping that there might be someone that knows more about what I’m about to mention. Fred, is a Captain. An officer. Officers, overwhelmingly are college educated. Fred is a soda jerk that somehow is offered a commission to be a bombardier in the Army Air Corps!?! Now, Al is obviously a college educated banker. He is the kind of person that WOULD be offered a commission. Think, Tom Hanks, in Saving Private Ryan. He’s a college educated school teacher, ergo, he’s offered a commission. But in this film, he’s an enlisted man!? Doesn’t make sense. It’s completely reversed from how it normally is. I come at this with some experience as I served in the Marine Corps back in the 80’s. This all speaks to the supposed veracity that Paul spoke of.
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    If you see a toilet in your dreams, I implore you; don't fucking use it.
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    Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face, because if you're eating shit and grinning today is not your day
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    I voted no, mainly because I think that cinematically, it's not all that remarkable. It is a good enough story and all, but I don't think it brings much to the table as a film. It could be a news article about these characters, and be just as effective. But I saw the Facebook groups poll on this same question, and it was overwhelmingly for the movie, so I dunno what we're missing here. (Last check over there, it was 215 for and 15 against. But we're all mediocre about it here? What is this?)
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    With both Tony and Bosch in the studio, who is digging the holes?
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    Excuse me sir...did the chef spit in my food? I’m not tasting any spit...could you ask him to—you know what, forget it. I’ll do it myself.
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